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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Production Information Control Seminar
- Playing a role in the future of manufacturing -

Ms. Chisato Omikawa,
2nd year student in the Master Program of the Graduate School of Information, Production, and Systems

The Production Information Control Research Office of the Graduate School of Information, Production, and Systems uses keywords such as "SCM" (Supply Chain Management: multiple corporations construct a joint distribution system to increase management results) and "production management" in our work to develop theories and methodology. These theories and methods are intended to improve the efficiency of and optimize the planning and operation for the series of production systems (product development, procurement of materials, production, distribution, sales) which supports manufacturing. The office also conducts research in a wide range of fields such as problems in production system planning, scheduling problems, information mining, sharing of information, modeling, and simulation. Professor Tomohiro Murata, who serves as the lead academic staff, began his career working in corporations and has great experience in the research and development of production information systems. Professor Murata teaches with a practical philosophy which emphasizes application and implementation in addition to theoretical research.

This seminar is held every week in a relaxed atmosphere. The seminar is conducted through the mathematic interpretation of texts relating to production planning information systems and corresponding theory. Themes for each period are determined from various English literatures, such as texts relating to the latest technology of modeling language. The themes are divided among seminar students who then take turns reading the literature. Presentations are made regarding the contents of the literature, questions are asked by the Professor and other students, and a debate format is created. The seminar features other practical activities, such as presentations regarding the progress of one's own research and related theses, as well as exercises in the format of business games such as the "Job-Shop Game" and the "Beer Game".

Last academic year, in addition to the seminar being held every week, tours were also conducted of Kyushu Toyota Miyata Plant by the research office, providing students with the opportunity to see an actual production line.

Many foreign exchange students from Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, Thailand, and Korea, as well as from countries throughout the world, are enrolled at the Kita-Kyushu Graduate School of Information, Production, and Systems at which we study. This creates an environment rich in international flavor. In addition to research, the opportunity to engage in communication which transcends international boundaries is yet another feature of our graduate school. The campus, which allows students to have a somewhat "study abroad" experience while remaining in Japan, provides a vast amount of potential experience

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