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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Environmental Management Planning Studies
- Towards Coexistence of the Natural Environment and Human Beings -

Ms. Asuka Miyamoto,
3rd Year Student at the School of Human Sciences

As everyone is aware, global environmental problems are currently becoming the most important issues internationally. In order to protect the irreplaceable global environment, which was succeeded from the past and must be inherited by future generations, what can be done by us, the people living now?

Global environmental problems have been caused by the unregulated behavior of human beings, behavior which lacks harmony with nature. In order to solve these problems, it is necessary to undertake a comprehensive revision of fields which are intricately linked, such as politics, economics, society and land usage, and to propose effective political policies.

In this lecture, global environmental problems are studied with a focus on the problem of global warming. The course begins by examining the meaning of environmental studies, and considers environmental problems from a variety of perspectives. These perspectives include the history of environmental problems, international negotiations and domestic/international systems in the context of the Kyoto Protocol, global warming and the destruction of forests, and the effects that climate fluctuations have on biodiversity.

The professor is a leader in the field of environmental studies, and instructs us during the lecture regarding real-time international trends in global environmental problems. As a result, students can further their understanding, develop an interest, and think for themselves even when watching news regarding environmental problems, which is shown every minute of every day. I myself feel that environmental problems are more of a personal issue since I began attending this lecture, and I have an increased interest in the field of environmental studies.

The lecture proceeds calmly from start to finish, but the professor's passion towards global environmental problems is conveyed with force.

At the end of the lecture, the professor left us with the following message: "We were only born in this country by chance. There are no borders to global environmental problems. Never forget that people, animals, and plants are living in every single place on this earth, and make an attempt, even a small one, to protect the global environment."

In order to solve global environmental problems, it is most important for each individual to possess a high degree of concern and take appropriate actions. I hope that all of you will attend a lecture like the one that I have described here, and that you will heighten your interest in global environmental problems, raise your consciousness regarding the problems, and consider the future of our planet.

(Offered by WASEDA WEEKLY)