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Interesting Lectures and Seminars

"A lecture in which we can feel the achievements of business management in our bones"

Mr. Masaki Okamoto
2nd year student at the School of Commerce

Management accounting is a system which provides information necessary for management to make decisions. However, this system has a different role which is to influence to the management's psychological process and move their actions towards the common goal of the organization. Professor Ito describes the system and role of the management accounting from two aspects (the information providing system and the control) at times, enthusiastically and with humor.

Management accounting is basically financial affairs information because it is an accounting system. However, unlike financial accounting, it does not handle information of the past but plays the role of providing information on the overview of the future. Also, the percentage of calling of time and non-financial information is increasing. On the other hand, management accounting has made changes and influenced business administration. Many examples were introduced in the lecture. You may not think you have any connection with management accounting. However, familiar cases such as food product dissimulation are mentioned and you will become more and more familiar with management accounting over time.

There are also lectures using images and inviting guest speakers who tell valuable stories of their personal experiences (People from the Japanese Philips Co. and Canon came during the first semester.) Being able to hear the voices of the actual workers right in the classroom was equal to factory observations or business visits.

There is question time after each lecture and the professor explains until we understand. Also, if the subject is one that calls for discussion, the professor will include that in your grade.

Because management accounting handles numbers, I thought it was close to economics but from the lectures I understand that it is closer to business administration. It is connected to marketing and strategy theory so it will be good to use for reference for students taking those classes. Of course I would like people who have interests in management accounting to take Professor Ito's class, but also people interested in management itself.

(Offered by WASEDA WEEKLY)