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Masafumi Miyake/ a junior at the School of Commerce

Creating business ideas and auctioning them with imaginary money

Business Idea Design (BID): Technology that creates new value(Open course offered by the Global Education Center)

Masafumi Miyake/ a junior at the School of Commerce
Jan 25, 2016

Just like the invention of airplanes allowed people to go anywhere in the world, wonderful ideas change the world. This course, given by Professor Tatsuhiko Inoue, aims at providing students with the ability to create such ideas.

First, eight virtual companies consisting of groups of five students are set up and, every week, they propose business ideas and make tender bids for them using one-million yen in fake money that is handed to them in advance. After all the classes are over, those virtual companies that continued to create good ideas each week are given the opportunity of presenting their ideas to real investors and actually sell them in the real world.

First, in the fourth period on Saturday, a representative from Business Bank Group, Inc., which supports entrepreneurs, teaches students how to create business ideas. It is hard to develop ideas because we have to use our brain in an unusual way, but the course is extremely interesting because even students like me who are not good at developing ideas can come up with good ones.

Students effectively use the idea development methods they learn at their respective virtual companies during the interim week between classes. I became one of only eight company presidents. My company meets twice a week and works hard to create viable ideas. Group work with students I got to know for the first time in this class is very refreshing as it allows me to experience various ways of thinking.

In the third period on Saturday of the following week, each group auctions off the ideas they developed. Since each company puts forward ideas that reach a high level of completion, I am really happy when the idea that my company made desperate efforts to create is sold at a high price. This gives my team a sense of unity and great achievement.

This course is filled with ideas and really thrilling. It allows students to experience the joy of developing ideas together and the excitement of achieving what they cannot do alone while helping one another.

Students present business ideas they spent one week creating


Masafumi Miyake/ a junior at the School of Commerce