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Approaching a Memory Mechanism to Use in Daily Life

Everyday Memory Psychology (School of Human Sciences subject)

Gaishi Murai/Third year, School of Human Sciences
Nov 9, 2015

Associate Professor Eriko Sugimori's seminar, as the title "Everyday Memory Psychology" suggests, deals with a range of themes related to everyday memory. Her area of specialization is cognitive psychology, and her research involves the mechanism of memory error, for example wondering if you locked your front door after you left the house. In Everyday Memory Psychology, we learn the theory of memory error that has become clear through Associate Professor Sugimori's research--learning that can be used in everyday life. We are able to select our own themes; therefore, seminar content covers an extensive range of subjects. Students explore a wide spectrum of topics such as techniques for memorization, subliminal effect on the subconscious, how individuals interested in fashion acknowledge others, and auditory hallucination in the relationship between memory and music.

Lectures are given under the principle of "acquiring skills and knowledge through practice." Students must create a research plan based on statistical thinking, and collect data employing methods based on specialization. Each student autonomously collects and organizes theses related to his/her theme, comes up with experiments, and makes presentations. During the course, if there are tasks students are unable to do or have no answers for, they work with Associate Professor Sugimori and fellow seminar participants to seek solutions. This is a seminar which you will not be able to move forward without independence, but it is also a seminar that offers the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills sought if you are independent.

As for myself, I love soccer, so I intend to do research on types of pressures exerted on players and what influences successful penalty kicks. I am grateful that Associate Professor Sugimori has set up an environment in which we are able to select research themes from among the things we love.

Associate Professor Sugimori (front row left) and students in the seminar


Gaishi Murai/Third year, School of Human Sciences