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▼Interesting Lectures and Seminars

Studying global challenges with American students studying in Japan

Global Leadership Fellows Forum(An open subject offered by the Global Education Center; this course can be taken only by students participating in GLFP)

Kazuki Abe/Fourth year, Political Science and Economics
Jul 27, 2015

This course is designed to allow students to study on their own initiative and output what they learn. Another characteristic of this course is that nearly half of the students are from distinguished American universities who are studying in Japan. Professor Paul Watt and Associate Professor Mieko Nakabayashi provide advice as coordinators.

This is a required course for the Global Leadership Fellows Program (GLFP), which is a 4-year program for undergraduate students that includes 1 year of study abroad. The course takes up environmental issues as a theme of interest to students. Nearly every 2 weeks, guest speakers are invited from outside the University to talk about their field of expertise. After these lectures, students study by dividing into groups and digging deeply into the issues from the perspective of the environment, economics, international and domestic politics, and culture, and then presenting the results of their discussions.

This year, there were two major events on the course. The first was the training session in Beijing, China. During the spring vacation, students visited China's capital to study its initiatives for environmental problems. The training session allowed the students to not only experience the country's urban environment in the city at first hand, but also to study real environmental problems through interviews with government officials and NGO managers. The second was the lecture given by the former Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, a Waseda graduate. Even after the lecture, he spent more than 1 hour answering students' questions, mixing his serious comments with touches of humor, and the students were able to hear about his various experiences. The lecture and Q&A session by former Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, who has actual experience of leadership as a prime minister, were extremely instructive.

As a wrap-up of the 1-year course, the students presented the results of their research in their groups in June. Students with diverse ways of thinking worked together and at times their opinions conflicted, but each group was able to produce satisfactory results. This 1-year course was very meaningful for the students and enabled them to have many valuable experiences.

The lecture of former Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda


Kazuki Abe/Fourth year, Political Science and Economics