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Practical Program Development for Career Education

Satoru Yamashita/Graduate of Graduate School of Teacher Education in 2014
Apr 27, 2015

The major feature of this lesson is that the students, at the same time as actively planning workshops and providing opportunities for current teachers and those involved in education from around the country to learn about career education, get to learn with those participants. In the workshops, under the guidance of Professor Takao Mimura, based on general career education knowledge already learnt, people active in various fields are invited as lecturers. Including time outside of the lessons, briefing sessions are often set voluntarily, leading to the success of the workshops.

In December 2014, a symposium was held on the topic of "High School Dropouts and Career Guidance", with close to 100 people attending, including some coming from Okayama and Kyoto prefectures. Coming in contact with the enthusiasm of the participants, I felt anew the importance of career education. Exchanges with lecturers and participants from around the country also led to great learning experiences. On top of that, being covered by media outlets, our project was featured greatly in the newspapers.

Also, this lesson has given us opportunities to dispatch what we have learnt in the form of external research groups and contributions to bulletins etc. With the students mainly conducting the planning, management and external exchanges, we can get a deep understanding of issues in educational institutions, become able to think on our feet and acquire skills to create learning opportunities.

This is an extremely stimulating course that not only involves child / student career education, but also one where you can map out your own career as a teacher continuing to learn.

Lecturers and students of the "Try Career Education" workshop

"High School Dropouts and Career Guidance" symposium


Satoru Yamashita/Graduate of Graduate School of Teacher Education in 2014