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(May. 31)Waseda’s Tsugaru Shamisen Circle – “Traditional Japanese music, with a rock twist”

Yuka Abe / Mai Tomatsuri

(Feb. 8)Pursuing excitement for over 30 years

Hironori Kasahara

(Jan. 25)Baseball Club achieves successive champions in the spring and autumn league competitions

Shin’nosuke Shigenobu / Eigoro Mogi

(Dec. 21)Number one Amateur band in the world
Overturning fixed ideas about music

Shin Kimura / Yuya Goto

(Dec. 21)Looking at his hometown of Shinjuku with love from the perspective of a Golden Gai “mama”

Hiroki Kadowaki

(Dec. 14)An assembly of five graduate student brains!
Taking top place in a major business idea competition

Yo Shitashima

(Dec. 7)Winners of UNIDOL 2015 Summer Don’t call us "Wasejo"

Marina Kawakami/Nozomi Nakayama/Moeno Itabashi

(Nov. 30)Waseda Flashes “V” for Victory after the Win against the U.S. in the Rugby World Cup!
Waseda star’s joyful first try contributes to 3 wins

Yoshikazu Fujita

(Nov. 24)Won the NHK Student Robot Contest on their first try! Achieved the remarkable feat of reaching the quarterfinals at an international competition

Shota Miyake / Kensuke Hanajiri / Keisuke Shima

(Nov. 16)A female karate athlete who conquered America Here next goal: the world!

Sakura Kokumai

(Nov. 9)Respecting each other’s differences A movement aimed at a multicultural society Seeking an unprecedented 10 consecutive wins in men’s and women’s tennis

Naomi Iwazawa

(Nov. 2)“We are the champions!!
Seeking an unprecedented 10 consecutive wins in men’s and women’s tennis

Machika Miyaji / Shintaro Imai / Aiko Yoshitomi

(Oct. 19)Contributing to Neuroregenerative Medicine, Male student in the sciences who is also a pianist

Jun Nagai

(Aug. 3)Using teamwork to be the first to achieve four consecutive intercollege wins since the team’s founding

Satoshi Mizoguchi / Shinpei Yamaguchi

(Jul. 27)Sweeping victory in Yosakoi festival competitions across Japan with passionate and energetic dance performance

Shoko Shibata / Atsushi Takagi / Takahiro Kawashima

(Jul. 21)The key team members of the national university championship-winning Table Tennis Club Lead the team once again to glory this year!

Yui Odono / Yume Takahashi / Yuya Oshima

(Jul. 13)Second place in the Samba Category at the Japan College Ballroom Dance Competition! A feat accomplished with just two years of experience in ballroom dance

Chisato Oyama / Raito Yokoyama

(Jul. 6)Taking the first step towards her dream of helping solve international issues! Appearing in the model U.N. in New York

Eriko Kawashima

(Jun. 29)Two men in love with juggling, a magnificent up-and-coming sport

Yosuke Akiba / Yusuke Inaba

(Jun. 22)“Establishing the LGBT* Student Center at Waseda!” Winner of the President’s Award in a student competition

Satoko Itsumura / Sho Watanabe

(Jun. 15)Japan’s only national under-23 team player who is also a student Her dream is to see the Waseda team rank number one among Japanese universities

Hikari Takagi

(Jun. 8)In love with architecture since he was a child! What Yohei Sato learned through competing in an architecture contest

Yohei Sato

(Jun. 1)Three regular top place finishers at national championships Doing their all to keep the beach safe!

Reina Oyama / Tsukasa Sakakibara / Rui Takashiba

(May. 25)17 years of Japanese calligraphy has taught me the importance of continuing to learn humility

Kana Ichikawa

(May. 18)A top soft tennis player Aiming to win international tournaments and the intercollegiate championship!

Nao Kobayashi

(May. 11)Aiming to be a Da Vinci! Creating entertainment with technology

Toshiya Yui

(Apr. 27)Currently aiming for the top 10 in the world ranking! Giving 100% every day in both skating and studying

Moemi Kikuchi

Interesting Lectures and Seminars

(Jan. 25)Creating business ideas and auctioning them with imaginary money

Masafumi Miyake

(Dec. 07)Giving Shape to Our Awareness Using Photos and Films

Riko Higa / Emiko Adachi

(Nov. 24)Students take the initiative in thinking about how civil engineers should be

Daichi Ito / Yuri Shinozaki / Koji Koshimizu

(Nov. 9)Approaching a Memory Mechanism to Use in Daily Life

Gaishi Murai

(Oct. 19)Making Experiences Part of Yourself

Yusaku Nakamura

(Aug. 3)An Environment Where Students Can Learn About Other Cultures While Surrounded by Other Cultures

Hana Yamamoto

(Jul. 27)Studying global challenges with American students studying in Japan

Kazuki Abe

(Jun. 29)Grasping the Phenomenon from a Macro Perspective

Kazuhiro Nishimura

(Jun. 15)Cultivating Critical Thinking through Literary Theory

Kaho Kaji

(Jun. 1)A lesson where you can enjoy learning French language and culture

Mayu Tamura

(May. 18)Learning from top professionals

Makoto Honda

(Apr. 27)Place of learning that transmits knowledge

Satoru Yamashita

Study Abroad - From the world to WASEDA -

(Dec. 21)From Vietnam to Waseda

Ta Thi Khanh Hoa

(Nov. 16)From Korea to Waseda

Yoon Song Lee

(Jul. 6)From America to Waseda

Kion Clucas

(May. 25)From Thailand to Waseda

Vanessa Techapichetvanich

Study Abroad - From the WASEDA to world -

(Dec. 07)From Waseda to Germany

Ryota Murai

(Jul. 21)From Waseda to the United States

Uchuta Hirose

(Jun. 22)From Waseda to Russia

Mika Yanagisawa