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(Feb. 2)Becoming the best in Japan with tears in their eyes after overcoming injury The captain and the ace look back over four years of hardships

Yuka Kanzaki / Aoi Katsura

(Jan. 26)Carving out a new era with a proud tradition The captain and vice-captain of the Waseda University Cheerleading Club that changed 74 years of club history

Yuta Nikuma / Miki Kogure

(Jan. 5)WILC takes first place in the Best Applicant Memorial division of the Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition!

Kenji Otsuka / Misako Orioka / David Yuga Mansfield

(Dec. 22)Waseda University Wrestling Team assembles Japan’s top athletes Aiming for Rio and taking on their last Emperor’s Cup as students

Ken Hosaka / Arisa Tanaka / Shori Maekawa

(Dec. 8)The culmination of 13 years of water polo Taking the silver medal at the Asian University Water Polo Championship!

Yumi Kojo

(Dec. 1)Sharing refugee home cooking in school cafeteria made a big success One step forwards in promoting understanding of refugee issues

Sowan Jin / Natsuko Ueki

(Nov. 25)Playing brilliantly as a member of Japan Women's Sevens, SAKURA SEVENS Aiming for the 2016 Rio Olympics and the 2017 World Cup

Chisato Yokoo

(Nov. 17)Making the music for the hit game Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines! Harnessing university experience to become a professional composer

Konosuke Kihara

(Nov. 10)Two successive All Japan championships in his specialty, the vault The ace of the Gymnastics Club, aiming for the winner’s podium in team competition as well

Keisuke Ogura

(Nov. 4)Presenting solutions for overcoming social problems in English Six prizes at various English speech contests!

Maya Ishikawa

(Oct. 20)Three athletes that won second place at the World University Championship Aiming to be the top student team in Japan, their long-cherished wish

Kosuke Nakamura / Kevin Cogran / Itsuki Kato

(Aug. 4)Japan’s first gold medal in men’s figure skating at the Sochi Olympics Harnessing study at Waseda to live a life of competition

Yuzuru Hanyu

(Jul. 28)The captain of the Track & Field Club commemorating the 100th anniversary of the club’s foundation Aiming to be the best in Japan with the proud tradition of “W”

Takumi Kuki

(Jul. 22)Providing continuing support suited to oneself! Publicizing the attractions of Fukushima from a student viewpoint

Emi Kanari

(Jul. 14)Serving as a bridge between China and Japan Desiring to convey the new attractions of the erhu and China

Kiriko Nakanishi

(Jul. 7)Runner up at the Junior World Championship! Aiming to recapture the intercollegiate title through physical and mental harmony

Keisuke Kushida / Takuya Shimamoto

(Jun. 30)The Aviation Club—winning the All Japan Student Gliding Championship “Rising air” is the key to victory

Takuto Adachi / Norie Hirai

(Jun. 23)Pixar is not my only goal! My goal is to fulfill all my dreams.

Shunsuke Saito

(Jun. 16)Road bicycle racing is life itself! Turn that never-give-up attitude into drive and race!

Yumiko Goda

(Jun. 9)“In the future, I want to establish a school!” A hard-working student who has also participated in the G20 and APEC

Megumi Yoshinaga

(Jun. 2)From being a member of the track and field student club, to aiming to become a medalist To the dream stage of the Paralympics, thriving on tears of regret

Hajimu Ashida

(May. 26)Current Waseda student opens cafe! Delivering deliciousness and happiness, one customer at a time

Yukina Hirai

(May. 7)From being rookies to becoming the best in Japan Four years of student life with passion devoted to lacrosse

Ryo Yanagida / Yuji Tadahira /Yuki Sakan

(Apr. 28)Taking control of the Student Tournament and becoming no. 1 in Japan for the first time in 15 years!
The real thrill of student level shogi is in the team competitions

Yuya Terao / Kaito Takahashi

(Apr. 21)These women—members of the top Rowing Club among Japanese universities—want to show everyone, “This is Waseda.” with dignity.

Ayami Oishi / Mika Karashima

Interesting Lectures and Seminars

(Jan. 26)Refining practical/logical thinking ability and academic writing skills

Yuka Murofushi

(Dec. 22)Considering issues facing Japan from the perspective of international law

Toshiki Hayama

(Nov. 25)Pursuing global performance through technology and management

Kan Okamoto

(Nov. 10)Analyzing the frontline of environmental business!

Eriko Ito

(Oct. 20)Ancient Japanese history in global Asian society

Shiho Innami

(Jul. 28)A fulfilling student life through the study of sleep!?

Yuta Takashima

(Jul. 14)Experiencing the depth of Japanese culture through kimono

Gyosei Ko

(Jun. 30)Applying past lessons to the present

Minako Aichi

(Jun. 2)Thinking about child poverty and education

Misuzu Nakajima

(May. 7)Reading Kant’s the Critique of Pure Reason

Yuka Matsuo

(Apr. 21)Understanding the true form of “children crossing borders”

Mariko Okumura

Study Abroad - From the world to WASEDA -

(Dec. 15)From Singapore to WASEDA

Ms. Xuemin Oh

(Jul. 22)From England to WASEDA

Zoe Vincent


Aysel Mamedli

Study Abroad - From the WASEDA to world -

(Jan. 5)From WASEDA to Norway

Shiori Tada

(Dec. 1)From Waseda to France

Shungo Yoshida

(Jun. 23)From WASEDA to America

Mizuki Ono