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(Feb.3)Striving to provide direct support to the conflict-torn area of Somalia Establishing the only Somalia student support organization in Japan!

Yosuke Nagai

(Jan. 20)A young poet who continues to garner attention A desire to spin words that blend in with the scenery

Yumi Fuzuki

(Jan. 6)A top student runner takes on his last Hakone Ekiden! His goal lies far beyond the Hakone road

Suguru Osako

(Dec. 24)Winning an honorary award at the Sancha Cinema Carnival! Living always with the spirit of a “film-loving boy”

Kiyoki Uchida

(Dec. 16)Standing on the victory podium of the World Cup for the very first time This ski jumper born in Hakuba is set to shine on the world stage!

Yoshito Watabe

(Dec. 9)Winning the championship with a new tournament record, together! Waseda’s heroines of weightlifting!

Namika Matsumoto / Eri Mitsuke

(Dec. 2)Unprecedented business-student collaboration! Development of a new app in his Internship placement

Ken Sakurai

(Nov. 25)Celebrating 100 years – Aiming to enliven Japan with the power of advertising for another 100 years!

Taiga Shimada / Kentaro Funayama

(Nov. 18)Japan’s first gold medal in the 400 m individual medley! Aiming for the Tokyo Olympics armed with fighting spirit!

Daiya Seto

(Nov. 11)Two people who deepened their friendship through architecture Getting chosen for a design harnessing their individual specialties!

Kenta Hirayama / Takeshi Goshozono

(Nov. 5)Finding the charms of Tohoku on a 700 km long trail

Shunsuke Goto

(Oct. 21)Shining on the national stage in auto racing “Science girl” racer is master of both driving and maintenance

Ayaka Iwawaki

(Aug. 1)Becoming the third person in history to pitch a perfect game! Heading into the autumn games with the goal of becoming a pro player.

Yuhei Takanashi

(Jul. 25)Overcoming strict practice to reach the pinnacle of student big band jazz music

Takanobu Suzuki / Shuntaro Kinno / Shunya Aramaki

(Jul. 18)Winning the grand prize at the JCF Students Movie Festival for the second year in a row—dreaming of becoming a professional film director

Hiroaki Saito

(Jul. 11)The Waseda University Association Football Club, a renowned veteran university soccer team - Aiming full throttle at the men’s and women’s intercollegiate championship!

Kozue Chiba / Kohei Nakata

(Jul. 4)Kanto Student Archery Federation MVP! Aim to be the top student archery organization in Japan.

Mika Nomura

(Jun. 27)Participating in club activities, company start-ups, and business contests with the goal of leading a rich life at Waseda.

Junichi Okada

(Jun. 20)An evolved new star in the world of javelin – Drawing a parabola of success towards Rio.

Genki Dean

(Jun. 13)An up-and-coming student comedian and member of POP3. Winner of the Summer National University Comedy Championship!

Yu Onitsuka

(Jun. 6)Waseda Sports Press: Showing the gallantry of Waseda sports clubs. WSP wins top prize in Tokyo Five University Newspaper Contest!

Hirofumi Kajisako / Takumi Sato

(May. 30)Connecting a campus’ history to the future – assembling 50 years of records and memories.

Shuntaro Sakurada

(May. 23)Creating a New Record at the National Championship! Aiming to Be Student Champion Again.

Ayano Ebihara

(May. 9)Sato Team of Moriguchi Seminar won the top prize at the Kanto Student Marketing Competition!

Jun Sato / Maki Arai / Taichi Satoyoshi

(May. 2)He defeated tough competition to win the All Japan University Equestrian Championship!

Shunsuke Terui

(Apr. 25)Strengthening the Ties between Kesennuma and Waseda to Prevent Memories of Natural Disasters from Fading

Shuya Wakayama / Keisuke Makino / Yuko Tanaka

Interesting Lectures and Seminars

(Dec.24)Social issues interpreted from “hidden population”

Bao Han

(Dec.16)Learning about Muslims who have immigrated to developed countries

Kenta Teramoto

(Dec. 2)Reconstruction of Matsushima seen from the on-site activity

Kaori Izumino

(Nov. 18)Considering global political economy from the perspectives of politics and economics

Aiko Harashima

(Nov. 11)What is the “coal mining seminar” unique to our School of Humanities and Social Sciences?

Yurie Hamajima

(Oct. 21)Feeling familiar with criminal law centered around judicial precedents

Mari Saeki

(Jul. 25)Quality Management Research

Yūki Wakasaki

(Jul. 11)Multinational corporation research seminar

Toshiki Nemezawa

(May. 30)Text Comprehension/Critiquing Seminar

Shoko Hide

(May. 9)Organizational Strategies of Service Industry in Asia

Tomohiro Ueakasaka

Study Abroad - From the world to WASEDA -

(Nov. 25)From KOREA to WASEDA

Yan Soo Hyun


Pakpahan Christina Natalia

(May. 2)From CHINA to WASEDA

Li Run Lu

Study Abroad - From the WASEDA to world -

(Dec. 24)From WASEDA to SWEDEN

Kenji Tsuji

(Oct. 21)From WASEDA to CANADA

Aya Ikawa

(Jun. 6)From WASEDA to AMERICA

Mayuko Sumiyoshi