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(Jan. 31)Turning toward the world with gutsy play learned from father!

Kotaro Yamada

(Jan. 24)Great breakthrough by the Badminton Club by the gratitude and attitude to enjoy!

Eriko Tamaki / Kaede Kameda / Yoko Sekikawa

(Jan. 10)In love with Chindon and winning the Mayor's Prize!

Miho Yoshimura / Saori Wakamatsu / Morika Sato

(Dec. 27)Winning first prize at the Theater Green Student Art Festival!

Shun Amano / Marino Satomi / Ryutaro Hiroi

(Dec. 20)Challenge the gravity-free laboratory work, attracted by the impossible dream of space!

Yuya Hashi / Kentaro Ashiba / Hiroki Maezono

(Dec. 13)First victories at Meiji Nyugyo Cup!

Kotaro Tanaka / Akira Osaka

(Dec. 6)Rice paddy in the city center, our "Waseden"

Tomomi Masuda / Jung-Soo Shin

(Nov.29)Winning Inter College Games for two consecutive years overcoming weakness

Shota Tagawa

(Nov. 22)Winning First Prize at "Student Fukko Idea Contest" Contributing to "Fukko" with our Change Card!

Yuto Fujita / Hiroshi Hasegawa / Masashi Funada

(Nov. 15)Four students starting a business in Izu City, Shizuoka Prefecture Creating a way of life through "toiz" Inc.

Kei Maejima

(Nov. 8)Striving to be team champions at the Japan Students Fin Swimming Championship, a new field of swimming!

Madoka Numazaki / Hiroaki Unno / Nobuhiro Suzuki

(Nov. 1)Won Special Award in Student Category, Advanced Technology Award Love of science brings innovation to medicine

Aya Kishimoto

(Oct. 25)Women's Ski Team wins first overall victory at Intercollegiate Skiing Games! Toward the next goal with the glory their in hearts

Sari Furuya / Michiko Kashiwabara / Hibari Sanada

(Aug. 2)Alpine Club succeeded in climbing Aconcagua, the highest peak in South America, for the first time in 59 years We can achieve big targets as we climb as a team!

Kengo Tsukamoto

(Jul. 26)Selected Erasmus Mundus scholarship student (Philosophy) Targeting becoming a high school teacher as an educator thinking about future generations

Naoko Murakami

(Jul. 19)Tackling social issues in French! Awarded prize for excellence at the French Contest

Yuuma Ando

(Jul. 12)Winning the 19th Seicho Matsumoto Award at the youngest age in its history! Living as a professional writer with inspiration, motivation, and determination!

Chisato Abe

(Jul. 5)Two out of six representative students from Japan are from WASEDA Challenging the World University Triathlon Championships!

Nao Yamamoto/Junpei Furuya

(Jun. 28)A calligraphy girl succeeding her grandmother's dream Winning the President Award at the 50th Ise Jingu Shrine Offertory Shodo Exhibition!

Aki Yokoyama

(Jun. 21)Victory in the Radio Drama Category of NHK All Japan University Broadcasting Contest "Want to be loyal to real me!"

Shoichi Imai

(Jun. 14)One-two finish in the bodybuilding contest!We did it because of our rivalry!

Ryuji Kajita/Yusuke Zama

(May. 24)Title of "number-one college" fencing player dedicated to late mentor

Noriko Hiraishi

(May. 17)Thought about the earthquake committed to CM competition Won Kazuhiro Suda Award and Consolation Prize!

Keigo Kato/Hidetaka Komukai

(May. 10)Hot battle based on the law!Long-waited first victory in Intercollegiate Negotiation Competition!

Chisa Shibata/Yuka Niimi

(Apr. 26)Greatest ever accomplishment by the Women's Basketball Team! Winning the Inter College Championship for the first time with "team power"

Yumi Niwa / Kiyomi Fujiu / Sakurako Mochizuki

Interesting Lectures and Seminars

(Jan. 24)Basic Art Space --Things I have felt and thought about in lessons so far--

Yusei Yamanaka

(Dec. 27)French Language Course in the Graduate School of Education -A gathering of colleagues interested in the French language-

Yui Morimoto

(Dec. 20)Game Theory and Economics Seminar ~Acquiring theoretical thinking~

Ryo Tsuzuki

(Dec. 13)Sports Marketing Course (Matsuoka Seminar): Study Hard, Play Hard

Ayuko Sakatsume

(Dec. 6)Theory of Relativity Research: What Is Gravity?

Yu Matsumoto

(Nov. 29)Urban Space and Environmental Design Class: Creating an Image of Cities in the Future in a Class in the Department of Architecture

Akira Kikuchi

(Nov. 22)Japanese Theatrical History
~The more you attend the lectures, the more interested you become in Japanese theatre~

Arisa Aoki

(Nov. 15)Psychosomatic Medicine: For the Health of Mind and Body

Mikiko Matsuoka

(Nov. 8)Trust law research Modern capital markets (Omura Seminar) -Changing oneself-

Atsushi Mitani

(Nov. 1)Trust law research ~Starting from theory and brushing up a sense of the field~

Lee Bin

(Oct. 25)Open education course (Waseda Alumni Association funded course)
"Know Waseda"--- The more you know, the deeper Waseda is

Ayaka Kohase

(Jul. 19)To the Modern Era through Gender: Western History IB "The Present Day West and Gender"

Shotarou Jono

(Jul. 12)"Development Economics Research" Takase Seminar: Developing Human Resources Living in the World

Shinya Matsuda

(Jul. 5)Structural Design Practice:Learning the Concept of Structural Design

Takehiro Okamoto, Asami Kawashima & Taro Yamamoto

(Jun. 21)The State of Living Environment Studies and Integrated Study in Elementary Education

Chisato Takahashi

(Jun. 14)The Function and Attraction of Accounting: Not only bookkeeping?

Keiji Nishimura

(May. 24)Master's Course in Medical Engineering ―A future in which medicine and engineering will combine to completely replicate a heart!? ―

Ayaka Kimura

(May. 17)Theoretical Economic Policy IIB

Lin Chen

(May. 10)Tsuchida Seminar: Thinking about Business Activities of a Company from the Reverse side

Yoshihiro Kaibara

(Apr. 26)Comparative translation theory Translation that reveals the basis of communication

Asako Sumimoto

Study Abroad - From the world to WASEDA -

(Dec. 6)From Taiwan to WASEDA

Shiyo Chin

(Apr. 26)From Tanzania to WASEDA

Mr. David Donald Mrema

Study Abroad - From the WASEDA to world -

(Jan. 10)From WASEDA to Sweden

Akira Kimura

(May. 24)From WASEDA to France

Mizuha Suzuki