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(Feb. 2)From softball to professional baseball Into a field of dreams full of expectations!

Mr. Takumi Oshima

(Jan. 26)Aikido got into competition at WASEDA With the pride and mission of the team

Mr. Shunsuke Nakamura / Mr. Yuki Motosaka

(Jan. 5)"Counterintuitive thinking" is the key to victory Great achievement for the first time in the history of the WASEDA University Kyudo Club!

Ms. Manami Iwamoto

(Dec. 22)Universiade silver medalist "I'm quite good" in grand settings

Mr. Lenthing Akira

(Dec. 15)A mirror to look at yourself 20 years later? Addressing the challenges of the commercialization of "Moira Mirror!"

Ms. Zhang Yiwen / Ms. Xu Ziyan

(Dec. 8)The reasons the Women's Soft Tennis Club is strong

Ms. Yuri Ishii/ Ms. Mariko Yasukawa/ Ms. Mai Moriya

(Dec. 1)Elegant dance, attracting people beyond limits! Aiming to become the number-one dance couple in Japan

Mr. Haruki Fujimori / Ms. Yuko Sugiyama

(Nov. 24)No.1 student vaudevillians! WASEDA comedy pair, "Spanner-Pliers"

Mr. Keisuke Nagata / Mr. Ryotetsu Takahashi

(Nov. 17)No clouds in WASEDA shogi Two shogi players of Seihoku, protecting the tradition of the Shogi Club

Mr. Yusuke Yamada / Ms. Yuko Suzuki

(Nov. 10)"Dragon" father and son committed to the pedals Targeting becoming a professional cyclist

Mr. Ryu Sasaki

(Nov. 4)Learn about the attractiveness of a free and creative "martial art," Spochan!

Mr. Kenta Ishii/Ms. Satsuki Nomura/Mr. Shunsuke Kurauchi

(Oct. 27)Ultimate team sport, boat race Want to achieve our goal with all-out efforts

Ms. Naoko Misoka

(Oct. 13)Creating an educational revolution in Bangladesh Hoping to provide Asian children with quality education

Mr. Atsuyoshi Saisho

(Oct. 6)New Japanese record in 200m Butterfly. Make up for Beijing in London!!

Ms. Natsumi Hoshi

(Aug. 18)Won Grand Prix of PR Contest by Gakuvo! "Importance of meeting" learned from work camp

Ms. Eriko Kajita

(Aug. 11)Moving beyond triple crowns With an ambition to become a perfect champion to win quintuple crowns

Mr. Yuki Yagi

(Aug. 4)Wrestling taught me lessons for life, so I want to repay this as an instructor

Mr. Tomotsugu Ishida

(Jul. 28)Want to play worldwide as a professional female soccer player!

Ms. Shiho Kohata / Ms. Ami Otaki

(Jul. 21)Developing OriHime to cross the Milky Way of the heart Reinvigorating Japan with robots

Mr.Kentaro Yoshifuji

(Jul. 14)Student champion of go for the first time in three years! Build your human capability to build your go capability.

Mr. Yoshiji Miyazaki

(Jul. 7)First Japanese student winner of Microsoft Excel 200 competition!

Ms. Mishio Sashihara

(Jun. 30)Star of the Japan short track skating race Strong will is the key to victory!

Ms. Biba Sakurai

(Jun. 23)Hit for victory! Fencing spirit succeeded from elder brother to younger brother

Mr. Soichiro Kitagawa / Mr. Ryunosuke Kitagawa

(Jun. 16)Determination to succeed a Japanese traditional performance art Taking advantage of what he has learned at WASEDA in kabuki

Mr. Asahi Ichimura

(Jun. 2)Cricket has given me a precious student life and a positive attitude

Ms. Yuko Kuniki

(May. 26)Studying abroad to change his life! Crossing borders with enthusiasm for American Football

Mr. Duffy Scott

Interesting Lectures and Seminars

(Feb. 2)Understanding and Support of Disabilities Experiencing Disabilities Firsthand

Toru Sasaki

(Jan. 26)Introduction to mental health management ~Learning "mind preparation"~

Akinori Miyata

(Dec. 22)Political Science Research Method <Experience>

Yoko Tsuruoka

(Dec. 15)The World of Buddhist Chinese Texts(School of Humanities, and Social Sciences・School of Culture, Media and Society)

Hiromitsu Hirata

(Dec. 1)Enterprise Law 1: Learning Law from a Management Studies Perspective

Atsuki Hina

(Nov. 24)Political Science Practiceα

Toshihiro Yamaguchi

(Nov. 17)Market Economy Theory I and II:Approaching Social Phenomena with Mathematics

Reika Takahashi

(Nov. 10)Statistical Mechanics: The Academic Discipline that Connects the Micro-world with the Macro-world

Masanori Mikoshiba/Yurie Oka

(Nov. 4)Seminar connecting to the world through sociolinguistics

Tatsuya Kikuchi

(Oct. 27)CManagerial Accounting Workshop~Managerial accounting plus self-growth~

Kentaro Amuro

(Oct. 13)Cellular Biology B Studying cells which are the base unit of living things

Chie Cho

(Oct. 6)Evolution of Mass Communication 01 Considering modern times from media history

Yu Sekiguchi

(Aug. 18)Curriculum Research -Looking at Student's Own Personal Educational Experiences and Growth

Konomi Sasaki

(Aug. 4)" Media, Body and Image Theory Lecture 8" The significance of thinking about "Body"

Tomonori Kusaka

(Jul. 21)Advanced Course in Coaching The essence of coaching which lies in the depths of appropriateness

Hiroki Tabata

(Jun. 30)Taga Seminar~Debating “Peace”!

Shota Kuroda

(Jun. 23)Practical research of Japanese language education(12)

Keiko Matsumoto/Tomoki Nakamura

(Jun. 16)Anglo-American Law Research II ~Conveying lively Anglo-American law to the world~

Yoshiaki Haraguchi

(Jun. 2)“Special Lecture in Education Clinical Psychology” ~taking into account cultural, social and historical viewpoints~

Misako Kobayashi

(May. 26)Sports Psychophysiology ~Clarifying the correlation between mind and body~

Study Abroad - From the world to WASEDA -

(Nov. 17)From Czech Republic to WASEDA

Ms. Fialova Anezka

(Jul. 28)From America to WASEDA

Mr. Tung Wu Chiu

Study Abroad - From the WASEDA to world -

(Feb. 2)From WASEDA to Singapore

Mr. Kenichi Takenaka

(Aug. 4)From WASEDA to South Africa & France

Ms. Yumi Tanimura

(May. 26)From WASEDA to Canada

Mr. Nobutoshi Shintani