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(Feb. 3)Women's rugby has given me a chance to leap into the world!

Ms. Makiko Tomita

(Jan. 17)Prince Smash became double crown at Inter College Tournament: Friendship and unwavering commitment to badminton

Mr. Takuma Ueda

(Jan. 6)Becoming winners at the same time in Men's and Women's Championships for the first time Great achievements with a spirit of doing the best and entrusting the next teammate

Ms. Airi Iida / Mr. Yuta Watanabe

(Dec. 24)With Waseda's signature crimson red, proudly breaking into professional baseball from Waseda!

Mr. Yuya Fukui / Mr. Tatsuya Oishi / Mr. Yuki Saito

(Dec. 16)Won a Grand Prix at the Student Animation Festival of the Tokyo Student Film Festival! Stimulation at Waseda creates stories

Ms. Karin Yuki

(Dec. 9)Days spent in Waseda led to the path for the future

Ms. Ai Takekawa

(Dec. 2)Enthusiastic commitment to Shorinji Kempo that can only be achieved by distancing myself from it

Mr. Toshihiro Watanabe

(Nov. 11)Is his dream to be the owner of a spaceship? From the woods of Waseda to the sea of space!

Mr. Noriaki Inami

(Nov. 4)Successfully juggle coaching and e-school! Good stimulus makes me go on in spite of difficulties

Mr. Norio Tanabe

(Oct. 28)Players who led their softball team to victory! Two guys with strong bonds of trust

Mr. Yutaro Naito Mr. Ryo Mitsuoka

(Oct. 21)Throw! Catch! Run! A sport with the name of the "greatest" one Welcome to the world of Ultimate!

Mr. Ryota Nishinaka, Mr. Katsuhide Hori, Mr. Masahito Inoue

(Aug. 5)This is my Real Self Finding One's Self by Traveling Around the Globe The Chronicles of an Enthusiastic Waseda Girl

Ms. Mari Hamada

(Jul. 29)A yo-yo dancing in the sky! Aiming to be a world champion with skillful techniques and calm analysis!

Mr. Yohei Kagawa

(Jul. 22)Performance by the youngest cross-country skier in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics “One percent was rough, but the other ninety-nine percent was fun”

Ms. Michiko Kashiwabara

(Jul. 15)Chances Abound, Especially When You're in a Slump! The Vice-captain of the Women's Lacrosse Team

Ms. Natsumi Koyanagi

(Jul. 8)Keep an eye on this young singer-songwriter who is enthusiastically singing her own songs on the stages of the world!

Ms. Yui Nakayama

(Jul. 1)Doing What I Want to do! The Young Comedian Maruko is Giving it her all at Waseda

Ms. Manami Kawazu

(Jun. 17)Seeking a bridge between Japan and Spain

Ms. Shoko Tsuji

(Jun. 10)Creating new lights that make use of titanium dioxide to purify the air

Mr. Yuki Funakoshi

(Jun. 3)In the world of the abacus, three Waseda ladies have taken their stand

Ms. Sayaka Matsuda / Ms. Hiroka Horiuchi / Ms. Yuki Kaneko

(May. 27)Up-and coming novelist and winner of the 22nd Subaru Prize for New Novelists

Mr. Ryo Asai

(May. 20)Thus spoke an automobile racing champion who sprung from a time machine

Mr. Keisuke Imamura

(May. 6)Number one worldwide in cheerleading, with a true Waseda Spirit

Mr. Ryosuke Mokumoto

(Apr. 30)A trusted skipper of Waseda who rides the winds and runs the sails

Ms. Marin Hamamoto

(Apr. 22)The captain of the Waseda Ice Hockey Team, with a spirit that blazes in Waseda's crimson red atop the ice

Mr. Shuhei Kuji

Interesting Lectures and Seminars

(Jan. 27)Sociocultural Research (German Language) The luxury of two instructors for one student?

Hayao Yajima

(Dec. 24)"Budgetary System" ~Studying organizations through the budget~

Yayoi Suga

(Dec. 16)"The Ancient Culture and Society of Korea"(Open Education Center)

Daisuke Hori / Akihiro Fujita

(Dec. 2)Learning through panel discussions and sport

Asami Hayashi

(Nov. 18)Welcome to the entrance to mathematics! "Basic mathematics with a little extra (interest rates edition)"

Akane Hokazono

(Nov. 11)Chinese characters, words of Chinese origin and our lifestyle

Tetsuya Ito / Tatsunori Kobayashi / Yasuko Harada

(Nov. 4)Questioning our common sense The appeal of "Nature as Seen from Mathematics"

Yu Otsuka / Kano Kase / Junichi Hadano / Maho Mikami

(Oct. 28)"Social Psychology" --Exposing human behavior--

Megumi Shimoyama

(Aug. 5)Sport Biomechanics —Pursuit of motion in sports

Ai Toyoda

(Jul. 29)Acoustics and Auditory Phonetics Phonetics, Where “One Listening Is a Better Judge Than 100 Viewings”

Tatiana Filipova / Yumi Yoshizawa

(Jul. 22)“Comparative Gender Study of Parliament Member Recruitment” Who represents what?

Takashi Ishihara

(Jul. 8)“An Introduction to Research Ethics” —”Easy to Understand Research Ethics” Coordinated by Professor Tomoaki Tsuchida—

Satoshi Shimada

(Jul. 1)“New Business Development and Business Models” Working Out Strong Business Fundamentals Through Teamwork

Satoshi Shimada

(Jun. 24)“Life Science A” Embarking on a Journey towards Biochemistry

Ms. Saori Inoue

(Jun. 10)Environmental Policy and Planning —Considering environmental issues from the perspective of policy—

Mr. Satoshi Yokoyama

(Jun. 3) Business Philosophy Seen From “Corporate Governance.”

Yusuke Matsuno

(May. 20) Bankruptcy Law—Objective response to reality—

Yohei Tanahashi / Ayako Yamada

(May. 6) Social Education Exercises —Lessons without education materials!?—

Akihiko Saeki

(Apr. 30) Gender and Image -Challenging Stereotypes-

Ms. Riho Miyamoto

(Apr. 22) WAVOC Open Course: “Sustainable Lifestyle Theory” An earnest challenge towards environmental issues and one's self

Ms. Sayumi Nagahama

Study Abroad - From the world to WASEDA -

(Jan. 6)From Zambia to WASEDA

Mr. Steven Dakka

(Jul. 8)From Tajikistan to Waseda

Ms. Nojima Nulmukhametva

(May. 27)From Kyrgyzstan to Waseda

Mr. Seitek Kachkinbaev

Study Abroad - From the WASEDA to world -

(Feb. 3)From WASEDA to Estonia

Mr. Naoyuki Karita

(Dec. 16)From WASEDA to Philippines

Ms. Mariko Kato

(Dec. 2)From WASEDA to Mexico

Ms. Maria Zenigame

(Nov. 4)From WASEDA to New Zealand

Ms. Kayo Hayashi

(Jul. 29)From WASEDA to England

Ms. Shoko Wadano

(Jun. 10)From Waseda to USA

Mr. Masaki Watanabe

(Apr. 30)From Waseda to Thailand

Ms. Shiori Sato