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(Jan. 28)Striving to establish a library: the "Wase-girl" born in Myanmar

Ms. Monmyathu

(Dec. 24)From Waseda, where he wore the "ace number" 11, to the Saitama Seibu Lions

Mr. Kenta Matsushita

(Dec. 17)A diligent student and shogi player with four years of professional experience

Mr. Taichi Nakamura

(Dec. 10)Receiving honorable mention in the 31st Annual Tokyo Video Festival, one of the largest film festivals in the world open to the public

Mr. Yoshinari Kojima

(Dec. 3)The straight and unwavering path towards becoming a pro

Ms. Shuko Aoyama

(Nov. 12)This prima donna is a strong lady! The female captain of the Weightlifting Team

Ms. Sayako Maeda

(Nov. 5)The youngest person ever to be chosen for a team representing Japan in American Football!

Mr. Tomokazu Sueyoshi

(Oct. 29)A synchronized skater seeking to become the world's number one "ice cheerleader"

Ms. Ayako Uchida

(Oct. 22)A New and Rising Manga Artist Who Depicts Unique Worlds on a Grand Scale

Mr. Junpei Kuwayama

(Oct. 15)Shooting for the Vancouver Olympics with a Rainbow-colored Smile

Ms. Nana Takeda

(Jul. 30)The world takes notice with a love song encouraging HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness

Mr. Kohei Yamada

(Jul. 23)The hope of the Nordic combined soars across the world stage

Mr. Akito Watabe

(Jul. 16)A student entrepreneur transmitting "the future" via mobile phones

Mr. Keita Yamamoto

(Jul. 9)Using her skilled dancing as a weapon, and tackling singing as well

Ms. Maimi Fujita

(Jul. 2)Top place winner of the Hirayama Ikuo Volunteer Center (WAVOC) volunteer fair through educational assistance to Vietnam elementary schools

Ms. Noriko Yamaguchi

(Jun. 25)Taking on the world! Great expectations placed on Waseda swimmer

Mr. Junya Koga

(Jun. 18)A Waseda student plays the character of Kazu in the television show "Wataru Seken Wa Oni Bakari"

Ms. Naomi Uno

(Jun. 11)Marvelous soloist and concertmaster of the Waseda Symphony Orchestra

Ms. Marina Yasuda

(Jun. 4)The birth of a professional female student Go player.

Ms. Miori Shimosaka

(May. 28)An Up-and-coming Film Director Speaks at Length

Mr. Junsuke Minamide

(May. 21)The Strong Bonds Within the Soft-ball Tennis Club

Mr. Hiroki Shiozaki, Mr. Teppei Kashima, Mr. Keiya Nakamoto

(May. 7)Hong Kong Cup All Japan University Students English Speech Contest First Prize winner

Mr. Keita Sakoda

(Apr. 23)Three Successive Japan Championships: Waseda's Magnificent Ballroom Dance Club

Mr. Fumiaki Akisawa, Ms. Megumi Kawaguchi, Mr. Masakazu Tsuboi

Interesting Lectures and Seminars

(Feb. 4) Finding the key to “Life Education” through experience

Koji Yamazaki

(Jan. 28) Advanced Credit Risk Modeling 〜Studying Advanced Credit Risk Management Methods〜

Jun Nagase

(Dec. 28) Dance Creation -The Body Speaks-

Daisuke Ogasawara

(Dec. 24) Basic General Lectureβ Comparative Philology: The Indo-European Language Family

Kowa Niikura

(Dec. 17) The Future of Phenomenology, a Philosophy Starting from Yourself School of International Liberal Studies Professor Seiji Takeda Seminar

Shotaro Iwauchi

(Dec. 10) The Structural Study of "Exposure" and "Concealment"- Desire & Identity (Exposure/Concealment in Culture) -

Hiroko Ara

(Dec. 3) "Improving Writing (Introductory Course)" -Improving my use of the Japanese language-

Miho Koitabashi

(Nov. 26) Developing Human Resources - Realizing Growth -

Tomu Yasunaga

(Nov. 12) Theory of Fiscal and Monetary Systems - Considering the Future through Finance & Money -

Keisuke Mikamo

(Oct. 29) Physical Replication Philosophy --Consideration Using a Present Progressive Form-- Seminar by Professor Tohru Takahashi

Wataru Funatsu

(Oct. 22) -Development of LSI design personnel who are active internationally-
Seminar by Professor Satoshi Goto

Chen Zhen Xing

(Oct. 15) Education Development and International Cooperation in Developing Countries
-An Environment Providing Real Experience in Globalism-

Momoko Kinoshita

(Jul. 30) Instructional Design -The true appeal of a "class of encounters"-

Naoko Ishikawa

(Jul. 23) Wrestling Style Training Basic -Taking a class taught by professional fighter Mr. Takanori Gomi-

Kotaro Tanaka

(Jul. 16) ∼ Telecommunications Soaring Throughout the World ∼
Seminar by Professor Mitsuji Matsumoto

Kenta Tada

(Jul. 9) Open Course: Community Management Seminar
-Considering the Revitalization of Communities-

Satoshi Sakayori

(Jul. 2) Latin American Studies 2 -A Latin America which is closer than it seems-
Latin American Studies 2 -Getting to know Latin America-

Takayuki Morino, Ms. Ai Okajima

(Jun. 25) A Survey of Body Symbolism Achieving self-discovery through representative culture

Mana Isobe

(Jun. 18) "Current Issues in Management"? A Seminar by Professor Kazunari Uchida -Corporate Strategy in Modern Market Competition-

Toshiya Sakai

(Jun. 11) "Social Security Act" Seminar by Professor Yoshimi Kikuchi
-Actually.the Social Security Act is all around us!-

Naoko Tanaka

(Jun. 4) Modern Democracy Theory-What is Democracy?-

Makoto Miya

(May. 28) Aspects of Symbols (Common Multidisciplinary Course of the School of Science and Engineering)
-Do you know "The Name of the Rose"?-

Mitsutaka Inagaki

(May. 21) Psychology I揃II ~Mechanism of the Human Mind~

Miho Kumano

(May. 7) This is Western History! (Introduction to Western History)

Shun Kumagai

(Apr. 30) Theme Collage: Irish Music-A Song for Myself

Joji Tanaka

(Apr. 23) "Medical Criminal Code" A Seminar by Professor Katsunori Kai - A Deep Field of Learning -

Sayoko Nogami

Study Abroad - From the world to WASEDA -

(Nov. 19)From Germany to Waseda

Ms. Maya Hatsukano

(Oct. 22)From Turkey to Waseda

Mr. Jans Urash Deniz

(Jul. 16)From Bolivia to Waseda

Mr. Elroy Gonzales, Ms. Karla Taboada

(Jun. 4)From Hong-Kong to Waseda

Mr. Raphael Chan

Study Abroad - From WASEDA to the world -

(Dec. 28)From Waseda to Brazil

Ms. Shiho Suzuki

(Nov. 5)From Waseda to Australia

Ms. Shoko Ito

(Jul. 30)From Waseda to UAE

Mr. Ienobu Kaneko

(Jul. 2)From Waseda to Switzerland

Mr. Yusuke Takaoka

(Apr. 30)From Waseda to Italy

Ms. Yuko Fukuyama