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(Jan. 29)Working as Both an Actress and Postgraduate Student!

Ms. Kumiko Akiyoshi

(Jan. 22)All out for Vancouver 2010! An Indomitable Cross-country Skier

Mr. Masaya Kimura

(Dec. 18)Racing through the world stage, Closing up college life on the road to Hakone

Mr. Kensuke Takezawa

(Dec. 11)The Captain of the Women's Wrestling Club and the General Manager and "Sister" of the Wrestling Club

Ms. Eriko Nakata

(Dec. 4)Third-place Prize Winner of The Swadesh DeRoy Scholarship

Mr. Naoto Okamura

(Nov. 20)Winner of the on the Newcomer Award for the Study of "Tanka" Pouring her Heart into 31 Syllables

Ms. Ayako Taguchi

(Nov. 13)The Road to Vancouver! Playing forward on the women's ice hockey team "Seibu Princess Rabbits"

Ms. Haruka Takashima

(Oct. 30)An Olympic swimming coach who is both an alumnus and a graduate school student in Waseda University

Mr. Norimasa Hirai

(Oct. 24)Awarded "The L'Oreal-UNESCO Award for Women in Science (Japan Fellowship)"
By development of a new method to produce an anti-cancer drug element!

Ms. Natsumi Tanaka

(Oct. 16)A genius striker and top scorer for the second year in a row
Got an offer from Yokohama F-Marinos

Mr. Kazuma Watanabe

(Oct. 9)Sparkling with success in their first competition!
Remembering the Struggle of the Waseda Boys in the Robot Contest!

Mr. Hidetaka Sugawara, Mr. Tomoya Tanaka, Mr. Naoki Yamaguchi

(Jul. 25)As a college freshman qualified to compete in the Olympics
Fairy Japan creates an overwhelming sensation in the world of rhythmic gymnastics

Ms. Nahomi Tsuboi

(Jul. 10)Japanese team's Archer for the Beijing Paralympic Games Next goal is the Olympic Games!

Mr. Takahiro Hasegawa

(Jul. 3)A young canoeist who will represent Japan at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games for the first time in 3 seasons

Ms. Yuriko Takeshita

(Jun. 26)Volunteer on a Peace Boat cruise that travels to 22 different countries in 103 days

Ms. Chizuru Yamamoto

(Jun. 19)Recipient of three academic degrees, each one in a different country,now pursuing research on Japanese inroads into the Chinese market

Ms. Keikou Ryu

(Jun. 12)Aviation Club Three pilots dominating the sky

Mr. Kouhei Nishiyama, Mr. Junki Nishino, Mr. Yasukazu Yamazaki,

(May. 29)A correspondent determined to explore the beauty of characters at Waseda Sports Press

Ms. Haruka Minemura

(May. 22)Building Friendship at Waseda and Abroad through Fencing

Mr. Shunsuke Saka

(May. 15)Ms. Yoko Kurokawa, a new playwright with a "reverse perspective"

Ms. Yoko Kurokawa

(May. 2)Bringing college days entrepreneurship experience to a new stage

Ms. Nozomi Hoshino

(Apr. 24)Pursuing the Beauty of Rhythmic Gymnastics

Ms. Mimi Inoue

(Apr. 17)A cool-headed rugby player filled with fighting spirit:Ayumu Goromaru

Mr. Ayumu Goromaru

(Apr. 1)The first Japanese person to win a silver medal in the world's most prestigious harp competition:Ms. Hanako Hirano

Ms. Hanako Hirano

Interesting Lectures and Seminars

(Jan. 29) Analyzing the Current Condition and Issues of a Social Welfare State
"Case Study: Economy and Society in the Nordic Countries"

Masayuki Terada

(Jan. 22) Raises Your Health Consciousness by"Salutogenesis"!, Which Allows you to learn both On-Demand Lecture and Physical Training!

Sh担hei Fukumoto, Mr. Takayuki Shikano

(Dec. 18) The Current State of Diversifying "Library Materials Theory"

Noriko Taniike

(Dec. 11) Alumni Association Donation Course "Getting to Know Waseda"
"An eternal brilliance that transcends time and space."

Professor Junichi Kasai, Mr. Masahito Odakura, Mr. Hiroyuki Ishikawa

(Dec. 4) "Advanced Italian": Abbiamo passione per l'Italia-Enamored with Italy!

Akie Kohiyama

(Nov. 27) Probing the Essence of Journalism "Journalism Changes Society - Theory of the Reporting Process -"

Maho Hashimoto

(Nov. 20) Transformation of Environment and Change in Regions and Urban Aria - Sociology of Urban Areas & Disaster -

Yuka Watanabe

(Nov. 13) What is "Gender and Science"?

Yusuke Yasufuku

(Nov. 6) Production Information Control Seminar - Playing a role in the future of manufacturing -

Chisato Omikawa

(Oct. 30) Environmental Management Planning Studies - Towards Coexistence of the Natural Environment and Human Beings -

Asuka Miyamoto

(Oct. 23) Discussion on Awareness and Measurement "Practical Accounting Workshop"

Tetsuya Sakamaki

(Oct. 16) "A lecture in which we can feel the achievements of business management in our bones"

Masaki Okamoto

(Oct. 9) Seminar in Theory for Coexisting Societies-Moving Towards Multiculturalism-

Mizuka Fujii

(Oct. 2) University students become a support group for the development of Totsuka neighborhood.
"Considering Urban Redevelopment"

Himan Jo

(Jul. 31) A Course to Reconsider Chinese Characters - The Culture of China (Chinese Characters and Power) -

Kazuhisa Tachibana & Ms. Mami Hashimoto

(Jul. 17) "Creative Science and Engineering Literacy" - Cross-Cultural Communication -

Ai Nishijima

(Jul. 3) Economic History - Economic All-Stars -

Masakazu Sakon

(Jun. 26)School of Elementary Education, Fundamental Exercises I揃Research of Issues in Contemporary Elementary Education - Everyone is a Critic of Education -

Mikako Yamaguchi & Ms. Natsuko Yamamoto

(Jun. 19)This class is a first! - An ambassador to Japan from southern African countries comes every week! -

Kotoyumi Yamaguchi

(Jun. 12)International Relations for Law Students - For the Stabilization of International Law -
(Jun. 5)Ethical Consideration of Doping Argument for Anti-Doping

Daisuke Togo

(May. 29)A seminar with strong appeal to movie lovers. Film Studies


(May. 22)Clinical Bioethics - Life Decisions -

Kozue Iizuka

(May. 15)Learning Environment Design - Pursuit of Real "Learning"

Erika Hatsumi

(May. 8)Thompson Seminar Sports & Media: Watching the games of Sports Media

Reo Kumon

(Apr. 24)Research into Chinese Society - China deciphered from diversified viewpoints -

Shinsuke Harada

(Apr. 17)Open Course - "Course of putting into practice foreign culture exchange" Recommended course, where students can make foreign friends

Sayaka Takemoto

(Apr. 1)"The Marine Outdoor Activity Apprenticeship" Magic in the Blue seas of Okinawa, Under the Sun

Moe Isozaki

Study Abroad - From the world to WASEDA -

(Jan. 22)From Taiwan to Waseda

Ms. Cai PeiShan

(Dec. 11)From Korea to Waseda

Mr. Sun Jung Min

(Nov. 6)From Greece to Waseda

Ms. Chrisoula Sotiriou

(Jun. 26)From America to Waseda

Mr. Corey Myers

(May. 1)From China to Waseda

Ms. Wang Ming-jia

(Apr. 1)From France to Waseda

Mr. Charles Bourgault

Study Abroad - From WASEDA to the world -

(Jan. 22)From Waseda to Taiwan

Ms. Yumi Masuda

(Dec. 11)From Waseda to Korea

Ms. Kanako Kishi

(Nov. 6)From Waseda to Greece

Ms. Tomoko Fukasawa

(Jun. 26)From Waseda to the United States of America

Ms. Hanae Tajima

(May. 1)From Waseda to China

Ms. Ayumi Takada

(Apr. 1)From Waseda to Holland

Mr. Masayuki Ohira