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(Mar. 25)A Man with the Brilliance of a Flower Nakamura Utaemon VI
(Feb. 18)100th Anniversary of the Discovery of Zeami - Togo Yoshida &"The 16 Volumes of Zeami" -
(Jan. 21)The Power of Original - Japanese & Chinese Classics Online
(Dec. 17)Publication of "Late 1943: The Final Waseda-Keio Baseball Game"- First joint research between Waseda and Keio -
(Nov. 19)100th Anniversary of Karajan' s Birth & the Waseda University Symphony Orchestra
(Oct. 15)True Discussion-Not Myth-of Underground Theatre
-Holding of "Reconsidering the Underground Theatre of the 1960s: An International Conference"-
(Sep. 17)Aesthetic Feeling of Temperance and Serenity - The Hattori Collection: Invitations from Tiny Buddha -
(Aug. 20)Contemporary Theatre and Theatre Museums - An Example using Waseda's Theatre Museum -
(Jul. 17)The Roots of Japanese Movies as Seen in the Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum Collection
(Jun. 12)The "Archeological Investigator" Challenge - New qualifications open the future of archeology -
(May. 14)Saigo no Soukeisen - The Passion of Youth Brought Back in a Movie -

History of the Okuma Auditorium: Visitors to Waseda University

(Apr. 23)4) Thanks to my friends: 1990s and afterward
(Apr. 16)3) Keep your pride as Waseda students intact: 1970s & 1980s
(Apr. 9)2) Young people have the right to express their own views: 1960s
(Apr. 1)1) I want to reach what we can say is the very bottom of the physical world: 1950s and before