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Lecture to commemorate opening of Waseda University Extension Center Nakano School
“Novels and Waseda: Yes & No”—Lecture and reading by Takashi Atoda

Ryohei Yonemoto
Staff Member, Waseda University Extension Center

1. Event information

In order to commemorate the opening of the Waseda University Extension Center Nakano School in April 2014, a lecture and reading will be held by the renowned Japanese author Takashi Atoda.

In 2011, Takashi Atoda was presented with the Waseda University Award for Distinguished Service to Art in recognition of his outstanding achievements for the growth of the arts.

Starting with “The Work of Creators” (2009), Atoda has given lectures at Waseda University including “How to Write and Read Novels” (2011) and “Kaleidoscope of Novels—Opening “Big Dreams” (2012). He has also held lectures and readings together with his partner Keiko Atoda. All of his presentations have received high acclaim.

The upcoming lecture and reading are composed of two parts. In the first part, Keiko Atoda will read Takashi Atoda’s work “Hana Arashi.” Listeners can enjoy Atoda's work through a new sense of realism which can only be experienced through public readings.

The second part is a lecture by Takashi Atoda under the theme of “Novels and Waseda.” Atoda will begin his lecture by introducing how the Japanese word “shosetsu” took root throughout Japanese society when it was used as a translation for the English word “novel” by Shoyo Tsubouchi, who was deeply involved in the founding of Waseda University. Atoda will then discuss novels and Waseda University through his unique and insightful position as an author.

The upcoming reading and lecture will be held at the Nakano Zero Small Hall in Nakano City. Admission is free of charge (advance reservation is required). Please see the bottom of this article for further details. We look forward to seeing you at the event.

Takashi Atoda’s record of work and relationship with Waseda University were previously introduced in the article entitled “Person of Distinguished Service to Waseda University Arts Takashi Atoda Exhibition—Do you know short stories?—,” which was published in this corner in November 2012. You can get a more in-depth introduction below.

2. Profile

Takashi Atoda (author)

Graduated from the School of Letters, Arts and Sciences I, Waseda University. Member of the Naoki Prize Selection Committee, 15th Chairperson of the Japan P.E.N. Club and member of the Advisory Committee of the Cultural Affairs Division. Debuted as an author in 1976 with “Reizoko Yori Ai O Komete” [With Love from the Fridge]. In 1979, awarded the Mystery Writers of Japan Award for “Raiho-sha” [The Visitor], and the Naoki Prize for “Napoleon Kyo” [Napoleon Crazy] in the same year. In 1995, won the Yoshikawa Eiji Literary Prize for “Shin Troia Monogatari[The New Tale of Troy]. Awarded the Purple Ribbon Medal in 2003 and the Order of the Rising Sun in 2009. Recognized as the Person of Distinguished Service to Waseda University Art in 2011. Appointed as Director of Yamanashi Prefectural Library in 2012. Highly acclaimed for his unique sense of black humor which gives glimpses behind our daily lives, as well as for his easy-to-understand interpretations of Greek myth and Shakespeare’s works.

Keiko Atoda (public reader)

Began her career in 1990 as a professional reader for the Japan Braille Library. While devoting herself to improving her reading skills, traveled throughout Japan and read short stories at events held under the instruction of Takashi Atoda. Has also read publicly overseas in New York and Los Angeles. From 2001, performs public readings every year to advocate the appeal of short stories in the “Roudoku 21” founded by Takashi Atoda. Works as an instructor at the Nihonbashi Takashimaya “Keiko Atoda Reading Salon,” the “Keiko Atoda Reading Room” at the Yomiuri NTV Culture Center (Ogikubo) and the Waseda University Extension Center. In recent years, conveys the appeal of public reading to younger generations by reading at Waseda University and Tsukuba University.

3. Event details
Date & Time:
February 10th (Mon.), 2014
Nakano Zero Hall
Doors open at 13:00. Event scheduled to start at 13:30 and finish at 16:00.
Part 1:
Public reading by Keiko Atoda of “Hana Arashi
Part 2:
Lecture by Takashi Atoda “Novels and Waseda: Yes & No”
Held by:
Waseda University Cultural Affairs Division, Waseda University Extension Center
Sponsored by:
Nakano Zero designated managers
Special thanks:
Nakano City

*Free admission. Advance reservation required.
Application and inquiries: Nakano Zero Lifelong Learning Support Office (until February 7th)
Tel: 03-5340-5011
Web: http://nicesacademia.jp/

Waseda University Extension Center Nakano School

In order to provide a place for lifelong learning in the community, the Waseda University Extension Center Nakano School will open in April 2014 on the 1st floor of the Waseda University Nakano International Community Plaza in the northwest of JR Nakano Station. In addition to offering various lectures on liberal arts, the school will offer lectures related to the high culture of novels, theater and music found in this location connected to Musashino. The school will also offer “Nakano Free Research” featuring lectures and debates by cultural figures, researches and people active at the frontline of corporate business. Other scheduled events include lectures for cross-cultural understanding which focuses on the Nakano International Community Center’s mission of cultivating global professionals.
Please look forward to further development.

Inquiries regarding Nakano School: Waseda University Extension Center
Tel: 03-3208-2248
(Office Hours: 9:30 to 17:00, Mon.-Sat. (closed on Sundays and holidays)
E-mail: wuext●list.waseda.jp
*Change the “●” to an @ mark

Ryohei Yonemoto
Staff Member, Waseda University Extension Center