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The World Expressed Through Photographs
-Holding of Photojournalism Festival

"Israel Soldier Pointing the Mouth of a Gun" (Ryuichi Hirokawa)

This autumn, a joint event between Waseda University and DAYS JAPAN forms the core period of the Photojournalism Festival. I am sure that some people have already noticed the flags placed on the streets of the Waseda Shopping District.

"Journalism" means the large range, so It asks from the aspect of "Photo Journalism" about the whole of journalism "Reconfirm with in seeing the work of journalists on the site", "Grope for the way of regaining trust for journalism", "Think about the future of the media field that changes drastically" in this festival.

For example the Journalist's work, especially it tends only for the kind of media that are the containers to be talked without understanding the base of this journalism though the visual journalism and the type journalism basically have the common background in the point of understanding the role to defend human rights and the life.

2009 Days, First Grand Prize "Post-Election Violence in Kenya" (Walter Astrada)

We think about not "crisis of media" from which management is talked to the center but the "crisis of journalism". And We also have the opportunity to think about these issues repeatedly "What do people need to know?", "What should people tell?", "What should journalist protect?", and think about the situation and the future of media while touching work of the journalists on the site.

This festival holds some exhibitions and lectures, and introduces the activity of the journalism education; because of Waseda University has the long history of journalism. And each event does an interactive activity by the volunteer's cooperation including the students.

The period becomes combined long-term events for several months for the core period as about two weeks. Many people participate, and it is hoped that consideration to journalism rises more because people in a wide layer including the students are targeted.

Events leading to the holding of the festival

G.M.B. Akash (Bangladesh) "Take me home" (from the collection of the Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts)

The initial plan was for a DAYS JAPAN exhibition to be held. However, due to the long history of journalistic education at Waseda University, the plan was expanded to a large scale event that incorporates participation and a variety of cooperation from inside and outside of Waseda. For example, it was possible to hold a photography contest for young people, which is a rare type of contest. In addition to university students, Waseda hopes that young people from elementary school to high school will acquire an interest in journalism by taking documentary photographs and applying to the contest.

Special note is given to the various volunteer activities which are an important part of supporting the festival. Volunteers actually participate in public relations for the festival, as well as in the planning and operation of each event. Furthermore, volunteer activities are introduced through film. The special website is also the work of volunteers.

Hanako Takeuchi (Japan) "THE DAY" (from the collection of the Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts)

In this way, this event is established on a base of various participation and cooperation. We sincerely hope that many people will visit the event, and we strongly hope that everyone will feel the excitement generated by the event.

Photojournalism festival co-hosted by Waseda University and DAYS JAPAN

URL: http://www.daysjapan.net/waseda/
Period: September 28th (Mon.), 2009 to February 27th (Sat.), 2010
Core Period: November 23rd (Mon./holiday), 2009 to December 5th (Sat.), 2009
Venue: Waseda University

[Please visit the address below for a detailed schedule]

Opening Event will be held on November 23rd (Mon./holiday)
"Concert of Life": Collaboration between Music and Photography

Understanding. Communicating. Protecting life. For the opening of Japan's biggest photojournalism festival, we will be holding a concert consisting of songs, photographs and talks.

Time: 2:40 PM, November 23 2009
Place: Waseda University, Okuma Memorial Hall, Main Auditorium

Tokiko Kato (Singer)

Tokiko Kato's songs contain a message about the life of humans and the Earth. Her cult classic "Rising" is a song about the Earth, human life and respect. She will be singing with photos by Ryuichi Hirokawa as a backdrop. In addition to singing "Revolution" and "A Million Roses (Hyakumanbon no Bara)", she will be singing her new song "1968". We hope to be able to share the feelings of youth from that era, who all believed in a better future.

While attending Tokyo University, she won first prize in the 2nd Japan Amateur Chanson Contest. In 1966, she won the Japan Record Grand Prix prize for Best New Talent with her song "Red Balloon (Akai Fuusen)". In 1969, she won the Japan Record Grand Prix prize for Best Singing with "Lullaby for a Lonely Night (Hitorine no Komoriuta)". She won this prize a second time in 1971 with "Travel Weary in Shiretoko (Shiretoko Ryojou)". She lent her voice to Studio Ghibli's 1992 film "Porco Rosso" (director: Hayao Miyazaki) as a voice actress. Every year, she tours Japan near the year's end with her "Tipsy (Horoyoi) Concert". This year the Tokyo concert will be held at the Yomiuri Hall in Yurakucho from December 26 to 28.

Call: 03-3352-3875
Official Website: http://www.tokiko.com/

Nataliya Gudziy (Chernobyl Singer)

Nataliya is a Ukrainian singer who was exposed to radiation by the Chernobyl disaster. Overcoming this tragedy, she sings songs of hope such as "Crystal (Suisho)" with a clear voice while playing a folk instrument, the bandura. She will be singing "A Soldier's Song (Sakimori no Uta)", "Always with Me (Itsumo Nando Demo)", "White Wings (Shiroi Tsubasa)", and "Distant Sky (Haruka ni Tooi Sora)".

Born in Ukraine. The Chernobyl disaster occurred on April 26 1986, when she was six years old and only 3.5 kilometers away from the blast. She began studying a specialized stream at a music school from the age of 8. At the invitation of the "Chernobyl Children's Fund", she twice visited Japan as a member of a folk music group, performing charity concerts throughout the country. She has been in many television shows, such as NHK's "Wish ~ Songs of Peace Spreading through the World (Negai ~ Sekai ni Hirogaru Heiwa no Uta)", TV Asahi's "Tetsuko's Room (Tetsuko no Heya)", and Nippon TV's "Unknown Sad Songs (Dare mo Shiranai Nakeru Uta".

Official Website: http://www.office-zirka.com/

MINA (Ainu Singer)

As a member of the indigenous people of Japan, the Ainu, she will be expressing her identity, Ainu language and culture through music and video.

Born to an Ainu father and a Japanese mother. She studied traditional Ainu dance from an early age. In 2006, she formed the AINU REBELS from Ainu youth in the Tokyo area, fusing modern culture with traditional song and dance. This group has performed throughout Japan, and been reported on in newspapers, magazines, and television. Starting in 2009, Mina has been writing songs and performing concerts as a solo artist.

Official Website: http://www.ainupride.com/ap/

Takuji Aoyagi (Musical Artist)

For this festival, he will be performing 5 songs created for Ryuichi Hirokawa's photographs along with a slideshow. The songs will include "Children of Chernobyl", "Palestine", "Vanished Villages (Kieta Muramura)", and "Life (Inochi)".

Working under the name Takuji Aoyagi, as solo unit KAMA AINA, and in the group Little Creatures. An artist who expresses himself through text, sound and visuals. In 1999, the film "Timeless Melody" that he starred in and wrote the music for won the grand prix at the Pusan International Film Festival. In 2004, the KAMA AINA "best of" album released by Domino was chosen as 'album of the month' by Classic FM in England. In 2009, he has done the music for the play "Toritsukare Otoko", and the movies "Honokaa Boy" and "eatrip". He also had his poetry collection "Radio Tower (Rajioto)" and picture book "Tears of the Moon (Tsuki no Namida)" published.

Official Website: http://www.tone.jp/artists/aoyagitakuji/index.html

Wahei Tatematsu (Author)

A Waseda alumnus who is the chairperson of the Japan P.E.N. Club Peace Committee. He will be giving a talk about "Journalists and the World", based on his experience in Lebanon.

With his 1980 novel "Distant Thunder (Enrai)"(made into a movie), Wahei Tatematsu won the Noma New Literary Writers Prize. He participated in the Paris-Dakar Rally as a navigator. He then wrote "Paris-Dakar: Horizon of Sand (Suna no Suiheisen)". In 1993, he won the 8th Tsubota Joji Literary Prize with "Egg Washing (Tamago Arai)". In 1997, he won the Mainichi Publishing Culture Award with "Poison - Rumours: Shozo Tanaka (Doku-Fuubun)". Known as an activist author, he also works to protect the environment. The number of books he has written (over 200) is unusual for a pure literature author. In recent years he has become more interested in Buddhism, and has written multiple essays.

Official Website: http://www.tatematsu-wahei.co.jp/

Ryuichi Hirokawa (DAYS JAPAN Editor-in-chief, Photojournalist)

A Waseda alumnus photojournalist, Ryuichi Hirokawa will be speaking about life and death on the battlefield. He will include anecdotes such as listening to Tokiko Kato's "Rising" while facing death during bombings. His message is directed at the youth living today.

After graduating from Waseda University in 1967, he went to Israel, and then reported on Middle Eastern and nuclear issues after returning to Japan in 1970. His 1982 photographs from the Lebanon war and the massacre of Palestinian refugee camps won first prize in the IOJ World Journalism Photo Contest. His 1989 report on the Chernobyl and Three Mile Island incidents won the Kodansha Publishing Culture Award. In 2002, his "Palestine New Edition" (Iwanami Paperbacks) won the Waseda Journalism Award. In 2003, his "Photographic Record of Palestine" (Nihon Tosho Center) won the Domon Ken Award. He has announced the creation of several news shows about Chernobyl and the Middle East, mainly on Nippon TV and NHK. DAYS JAPAN, the monthly magazine that he edits, won the 2009 Japan Professional Photographer's Society Award.

Official Website: http://www.daysjapan.net/

Other Events

Photography Exhibition

Slideshow of the World

Screening, Symposium, Lecture, etc.

Workshop, etc.