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New Year Issue (Jan.)

Waseda Vision 150

-"Waseda Vision 150" Plan-

To Continue Being a University that Contributes to the World

At our university we are progressing with the planning of the mid-long term "Waseda Vision 150" project based on the 150th anniversary of the founding of the university, and we received a message from President Kamata regarding the background and meaning of the project.

Japan today faces many difficult issues, such as rapidly aging society and falling birthrate, continuing recession, and political stagnation. In addition, the Great East Japan Earthquake, the nuclear plant accident, and torrential rains in Japan and abroad have caused enormous damage to the country. We must take them seriously and think about our science and technologies, social infrastructure, role of researchers and our way of life. The disasters also tell us that the current circumstances on global issues, including those on environment and energy, are more serious than expected.

In this difficult time, it is more important than ever to seek a new society and to nurture excellent human resources for the next generation. As a university pursuing the truth for over a century, Waseda should take a more leading role to explore the new generation.

The Executive Board, including myself, is fully aware of this responsibility. We are determined to contribute more to our country and the international community by providing leading-edge education and research, and by nurturing the human resources with enterprising spirit and profound personality. We also consider it necessary to establish more stable financial base and management structure so that the University will be able to cope with more difficult economic environment in future.

To clarify what we should do now and what we can do, we started to develop "Waseda Vision 150" to shape a vision toward 2032 when the University will mark the 150th anniversary. Under this Vision, Waseda will educate "students with strong aspiration to contribute to the world" and pursue "research to contribute to world peace and human happiness", and "Waseda alumni who are eager to work hard as global leaders" will actively engage in various fields and closely cooperate with Waseda University.

In 2007, Waseda University commemorated its 125th anniversary and issued the Waseda Next 125 which declared to transform Waseda from a domestic Japanese university to a global university. "Waseda Vision 150" inherits the action plans in the Waseda Next 125 and expands them with new strategies. The Vision consists of 13 core strategies and the basic policies to implement them.

To execute the Waseda Vision 150, it is necessary to move ahead with various reforms. While upholding the Mission of Waseda University, "Independence of Learning," "Practical Utilization of Knowledge," and to "Create Good Citizenship" as the basis of our educational and research activities, we must review and consider various issues. For example, in this rapidly aging society with falling birthrate, what is necessary for the University to enhance the quality of its education and research while maintaining the unique diversity at Waseda? This will require a review on the current scheme such as the admission method and the student quota, and the result may call for a drastic reform on our education system. Improvement in our financial structure, currently depending much on the tuition income, also seems inevitable.

All these reforms should be promoted and implemented by all faculty/staff members in this university. The basic concept has been compiled and presented by the Executive Board. For about a year from now, all offices including the Faculties and the headquarters will develop their action plans, while the Executive Board will hear various opinions and discuss more details to release the final version of Waseda Vision 150, and introduce a framework to implement it.

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