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Spring Verdure Issue (May. 2013)


Waseda Vision 150 Student Competition 2012

Waseda’s future as conceived by students

Students play a leading role at our university. As such, their active participation in education and research is viewed as extremely important for achieving “Waseda Vision 150,” the mid- to long-term plan of Waseda University. At Waseda Vision 150 Student Competition 2012, students gave competition-style presentations for their own visions of “Waseda’s future.” The competition was jointly held with the Waseda University Alumni Association and sponsored by the Waseda University Digital Campus Consortium.

This inaugural competition featured participation by 39 teams, 7 of which advanced to the finals. This article follows each team’s experience during the finals held at the Ono Memorial Auditorium on March 18th, and conveys Waseda University’s expectations towards students.

*Information on “Waseda Vision 150”: http://www.waseda.jp/keiei/vision150/

Theme of the 39 applicant teams by category
(Random order; teams which advanced to the finals are marked with a star (☆))
  • Team Promoting International Human Exchange☆
    Promoting the cultivation of global professionals by implementing GPA
    Producing true global leaders from Waseda
  • Mlab
    Global Innovation Program
    Waseda Women×Life Work Balance Waseda×Life Study Balance
  • KYM Waseda☆
    Proposal for “Waseda select classes”
  • Oki Seminar Bachelor Degree Group
    Cultivating global leaders through interactive classes
  • Okuma School Student Association
    Proposal for improving the quality of leadership education
  • Tanuki
    Waseda University 150th Anniversary Vision: Student Competition
  • Starting Now!
    Implementation of group work classes
  • Togakukai
    Togakukai (Waseda Academic Association)
  • Team SYK
    Taking back Waseda!
  • Mr. Repeat
    Creating Waseda People
  • Solaris
    Waseda Vision 150 Student Competition 2012
  • WiLL
    Cultivating students with high aspirations for contributing to the world
    The dawn of a new Waseda era
  • Gorasoni
    Waseda People!!
  • OKI48
    Utilization of TA and Expected Effects
  • Tefu-Tefu
    Proposal for recommendation and subjects which match individual characteristics
  • Toki-no-Kane
    Considering the future of Waseda with high school students
  • Waseda Concierge☆
    Waseda Concierge
  • Team Theatre Waseda☆
    Construction of a new theatre which will become the Waseda Drama Hall!
  • plus!
    Approach toward alumni students
  • Waseda Futsal League
    Waseda Futsal League
  • High School Student Navi☆
    High School Student Navi: Official trip by university students for live talk session
    Making Professionals Workshop a compulsory subject
  • Iku-Okume
    Climb while feeling broad, high and deep
  • Research Office of Waseda University Advertising Society☆
    Proposal for Waseda University information events held by university students for applicants taking entrance examinations
  • Team Wase-Jo☆
  • Team 24H
    Creating a place for free and open-minded debate at Waseda University
  • Moratoriums
    Proposal regarding establishment of the School of Shared Liberal Arts (provisional name)
  • Surprised Camel
    From “Worldwide Waseda” to “Universal Waseda”
  • Do Re Mi
    Proposal for raising our university’s ranking by reforming the library
    Unifying students to realize the Waseda Vision
  • DoSM
    Proposal for “treasure hunt”
  • Wa-Sedarables
  • Sacred Light 49th
    Waseda Vision 150: Getting to know volunteering
  • Team Early Bird
    Creation of a new research field by fusing different fields
  • Bad apple
    Waseda synonymous with art
  • Team Recommending Instructor Collaboration at Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences
    Recommendation for instructor collaboration at the Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences
Theme of the 39 applicant teams by category:

A student stands in center stage and explains her ideas to attendees

Before presentation. A student prays for a smooth presentation

Students show their enthusiasm before presenting

Judges intently watch the student presentations