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Autumn Issue (Nov.)


Waseda and Sports-Cooperation with society through sports

In addition to training athletes, Waseda University has conducted sports research and other activities to pursue the possibility of sports as part of university education.
Many people affiliated with Waseda University were part of the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics. Furthermore, many faculty members participated as officials of the JOC headquarters. In this article, we will consider sports from an academic perspective and will explore the connection of universities and society through sports.


Waseda University connects with society through sports

Waseda University is conducting activities to connect with society through sports. This article introduces 3 representative activities.

Waseda Sports Festival in Higashi Fushimi

Contributing to vitalization of the community by opening sports facilities on Higashi Fushimi Campus

The First Annual Waseda Sports Festival in Higashi Fushimi was held on October 8th, which is Sports Day in Japan. During the festival, sports festivals on the Higashi Fushimi Campus were opened to the general public. A variety of programs including exhibitions and sports workshops were held. The festival offered fun for everyone from adults to children, and approximately 3,000 people visited the campus.

Sports workshops allowed participants to experience the fun of various sports including tennis, soccer, lacrosse, hockey, basketball, handball, tee ball, archery, weight lifting, beam riflery, aikido and Shorinji kempo. The workshops were instructed by athletes, coaches and trainers from Waseda athletic teams. The Sumo Club made chanko stew, the traditional food of sumo wrestlers. Furthermore, Waseda sports were introduced through an exhibition of the baseball team's history and of gliders from the Aviation Club, as well as public viewing of the Izumo Ekiden (relay road race). Also participating in programs and interacting with students and community members were Natsumi Hoshi (4th-year student at the School of Sport Sciences), London Olympic bronze medalist in the women's 200-meter butterfly, and baseball commentator Satoru Komiyama (graduated from the School of Education in 1990).

For more details: http://waseda-sports.jp/festa2012/

Comment from student
An opportunity for conveying gratitude to members of the community

Mr. Takuro Ueno
(4th-year student at the School of Sport Sciences, Manager of the Ski Club, Chairperson of the General Athletic Team Committee)

I supervised planning for sports workshops at the recent festival. In addition to major sports such as baseball and soccer, I strove to provide an opportunity for participants to experience sports which aren't part of everyday life. Some examples include equestrian events, archery and various martial arts. The festival was a meaningful event for members of the community to learn more about Waseda sports, as well as an opportunity for Waseda team athletes, including those who normally practice on the Higashi Fushimi Campus, to express their gratitude to community members. In the future, I hope that his will become an annual event held every autumn.

Comment from citizen
Expectations for vitalization of citizens and the community

Mr. Yuichi Saotome
(Supervisor of public relations for Shoei Shopping District Committee, Chairperson of Koko-Sports Higashi Fushimi Association)

I manage the Koko-Sports Higashi Fushimi Association (an integrated community sports club which utilizes school facilities etc. in the Higashi Fushimi area) and supervise public relations for the Higashi Fushimi Shoei shopping district. Therefore, I am extremely happy to have contributed to the management of a sports festival which served as a bridge between the university and community. In Higashi Fushimi, there is deep friendship with Waseda students. Every year, about 100 students come to help with our summer festival. Through continual interaction between the community and university, I hope that citizens and the community will become even more vibrant and invigorated.

Sports promotion activities by Waseda Club (NPO)

Waseda Club is an NPO composed mainly of current and former athletes from Waseda University athletic teams. The club operates with the goal of promoting and spreading various sports among all citizens. The club seeks to contribute to the broad public good by cultivating health in the youth, promoting health among citizens and invigorating the local community.

Specific activities include operation of various sports schools, cultivation/instruction of various sports teams for adults, and operation of supporter clubs which sustain such activities. While cooperating with external organizations, Waseda Club works to promote sports by making our university's facilities and know-how available to everyone affiliated with our university and to all members of the community. In addition to the operation of schools, the club also holds community events open to participation by anyone. For example, an American football sports workshop was held in Higashi Fushimi in March and the Waseda Regatta was held in Toda Park in November.

Partnership with Honjo City for sports promotion

Cooperating with the community to spread Honjo sports

Honjo walking map

From 2009, Honjo City and Waseda University have cooperated to conduct sports promotion activities which realize the philosophy of "sports for each citizen." We have cooperated to hold a variety of events including open sports lectures by Waseda instructors and walking workshops. Our efforts have led to invigoration of the community through sports.

In 2011, an instructor cultivation seminar entitled "Training and Safety Management for Junior Athletes" was given by Associate Professor Norikazu Hirose (Faculty of Sport Sciences), the physical coach for the Japan women's national soccer team. Approximately 50 instructors from youth sports associations in the city participated in the seminar, which combined a classroom lecture with actual practice.

A variety of events have been held in 2012, including Sports Recreation Festival 2012 (held on October 8th), seminars for cultivating instructors, Saburo Kawabuchi Cup 2012, and walking events.

Past activities

  • Sports Recreation Festival (held annually from 2009)
  • Saburo Kawabuchi Cup (held annually from 2009)
  • Open sports lectures (held in 2009)
  • Seminars for cultivating instructors (held annually from 2010)
  • Walking events (held annually from 2011)

Sports workshops in Nishi-Tokyo City

Baseball workshop

Deepening friendship with the community through baseball

This Waseda University baseball workshop is held biannually (spring and autumn) at our university's Higashi-Fushimi Baseball and Semi-Hardball Stadium. The workshop is part of social contribution activities at our university and was proposed by Toru Nomura, former coach of the Waseda Baseball Team. The workshops are jointly held between the Waseda Athletic Center, Nishi-Tokyo City and the Tama East Youth Baseball League. Community members and students from the baseball team and semi-hardball team cooperate and deepen friendship through baseball.

Comment from participating Waseda baseball player

"It was a great new experience. I would be really happy if some of the children who participated grow up to play baseball in the future."

Tennis workshop

Authentic instruction from top players

As part of Club Waseda's activities, tennis schools were opened in Nishi-Tokyo City in 2005. The schools focus mainly on elementary and junior high school students. This is the 8th year of activities at the schools. Instruction is given by the coach of the Waseda Lawn Tennis Club, professional players, players from works teams and top student players. Children are given instruction necessary for starting serious tennis play, including the opportunity to acquire basic techniques, basic physical strength and sportsmanship.

Comment from participating Waseda tennis player

"We teach children the importance of always giving maximum effort and never giving up. It was a very fulfilling experience to instruct children having fun playing tennis, as well as children pursuing their dream of competing at a national tournament."