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Midsummer Issue (Jul.)


International Student Dormitory: Cultivating global leaders

Recently, the educational function of student dormitories is being reevaluated. In conjunction with the completion of the Tanashi Student Dormitory in 2008, Waseda University has renewed the management of student dormitories. As part of student support services provided by our university, we have focused on programs which promote student growth and which encourage interaction between Japanese and foreign students. Moreover, a student dormitory which will house approximately 900 Japanese and foreign students is currently being constructed in Nakano Ward. This article explores the future of student dormitories.

Waseda University Nakano International Community Plaza: Floor Guide

This section introduces the role and purpose of facilities within the plaza.

1F Life-Long Learning Facilities
A place for communication with the community

Interaction Lounge (image)

A satellite office of the Academic Affairs Division will be established in the 1F educational facilities. These facilities will provide life-long learning which is open to regional society and which utilizes the education and research functions of Waseda University.

A new form of communication between the community and university

Ms. Yoshimi Takada (graduated from the School of Education in 1962)
Vice-Chairperson & Secretary General of the Nakano Tomon Association, Waseda University Alumni Association

Centered around the local shopping area, Nakano Ward is a vibrant neighborhood that is rich in unique culture. I am looking forward to Nakano becoming a major center for communication and being infused with even more energy through the construction of the Waseda University Nakano International Community Plaza.

When I was enrolled at Waseda University, I lived in the dormitory with foreign students. It was a truly enjoyable time of my life. As expressed in the proverb "seeing is believing," it is important to visit new places and have first-hand experiences. Student values may change through interaction with the community and different cultures. I hope that students will have many new experiences here in Nakano Ward. The Nakano Tomon Association will support the precious university life of students by holding a variety of events.

Putting our hearts into construction in order to create meaningful student lifestyles

Mr. Kenji Ichiyanagi (graduated from the School of Science and Engineering in 1983)
Obayashi Corporation
Chief Supervisor, Waseda University Nakano Construction Office

As fate would have it, I am now supervising construction at my alma mater Waseda University. I am truly honored to be part of this project, and I am inspired when I considering the weight of my responsibility. As you already know, many buildings were damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake which struck last year. Learning from this experience, we are installing an intermediate seismic isolation layer between the life-long learning facilities on the first floor and the student dormitories on the 2nd floor and higher. This layer ensures safety by incorporating advanced seismic technology for reducing earthquake tremors. Such technology includes layered rubber seismic devices, rolling bearings, oil dampers and steel dampers. Even foreign students who don't have much experience with earthquakes should be able to live with peace of mind. I hope that students living in the dormitory will value encounters with many different people and will deepen their understanding towards Japanese culture. Based on these experiences and understanding, I hope that they will interact with cultures from countries throughout the world. I will put my heart into constructing the plaza so that students can lead a meaningful university life.

2F: Student Dormitory "WISH"
A space for studying and living together

Student lounge & lobby (image)

Shared student facilities on the 2nd floor include an infirmary and a multipurpose classroom. Other living facilities include a music room and a fitness room. The space encourages interaction between students living in the dormitory. Furthermore, the plaza conducts environmental conservation through greenery planted on the roof.

3-11F: Student Dormitory "WISH"
Coexistence of public and private

Unit living room shared by 4 students (image)

Private space (image)

Dormitory rooms are located on floors 3 to 11. Floors are divided by gender, with floors 3 to 7 being male-only and floors 8-11 being female-only (a portion of the second also contains male-only dormitory rooms). Each room contains private space for students. Students can form a global network in living rooms which are shared by 4 students*.
*Some exceptions apply.

Message from the Waseda University Campus Planning Division
Employing energy-saving, earthquake-resistant and long-life building technology (both structural and non-structural)

Waseda University Nakano International Community Plaza will be built on the northern side of Nakano Station. This neighborhood is one of the safest and most environmentally-rich areas in all of Tokyo. The surrounding area contains public facilities such as city planning parks which are also disaster-response areas, city planning roads, and large-scale hospitals which possess high-level medical technology. Furthermore, the highly-safe plaza building uses an intermediate seismic structure which realizes earthquake resistance which is 1.5 times greater than normal buildings.

The plaza was selected for the METI's "Leading Project for CO2 Reduction in Homes/Buildings." In addition to focusing on structural elements including the most advanced energy-saving, earthquake-resistant and long-life building technology, the plaza also concentrates on non-structural elements which enable the visualization of energy. This allows students gathering at the dormitory from throughout the world to be proactive in saving energy.