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Spring Verdure Issue (May)


Using the features of Healthy Campus

Healthy lifestyle starting from Waseda University

As a university which is responsible for the health of our students, Waseda University is working to promote student health from the integrated perspective of exercise, diet, medicine and emotional care.

This article introduces activities for realizing a Waseda Healthy Campus which will provide information and motivate students to maintain and manage their own health from their time as university students and throughout their life after graduating.

Self-health management at Waseda University

Introducing institutions, facilities and activities provided by our university.


Training Center featuring a full line-up of programs

The Training Center is located in the basement of the Student Union Building, a location which is convenient for students studying on the Waseda, Toyama and Nishi-Waseda Campuses. The membership fee is an affordable 2,000 yen per year. The center is equipped with machines and dumbbells similar to what is found at a normal sports club. Students can also get advice from instructors. I use the Training Center in between my classes. This has made it possible to fit exercise into my daily routines and stay healthy.
(Yukiko Hirano, 2nd year student at the School of Education)

An instructor is stationed in the Training Center at all times

Equipped with a variety of training machines


Even students who dislike exercise can move their bodies

Refresh Studio

It has been half a year since I first started using the Refresh Studio as an undergraduate student. I started using the studio to relieve stress when I was having trouble with writing my thesis. One appeal of the studio is the flexible schedule which makes it possible to use the facilities between classes. I participate in aerobics, yoga, stretching or kick-boxing classes about once or twice a week. As a result, my body feels much lighter. I intend to keep getting an appropriate amount of exercise in the future.
(Haruka Suzuki, 1st-year Master's student at the Graduate School of Teacher Education)

Refresh your body and mind between classes!

Participate in yoga while looking at Okuma Garden

Extracurricular activity

Tokyo Hike:

Part of the Sports Festival/President's Cup Sports Tournament

Tokyo Hike is an extremely meaningful event from the perspective of increasing health consciousness. I played soccer when I was in high school and have confidence in my stamina, so I thought that walking 35 kilometers would be easy. However, after I finished the walk, I realized that I wasn't getting enough regular exercise. As a result, I created a workout plan in which I swim two times per week. I have the Tokyo Hike to thank for my newfound commitment to exercise. Also, on the day of the walk, I participated in other groups of walkers and interacted with a variety of participants, which made for an extremely interesting day.
(Liu Tian Yi, 2nd-year student at the Graduate School of Economics)

Information on using the Takaishi Memorial Swimming Pool is available here (can be used by students, faculty and staff)


Collaborating with students to consider health!

Development of a healthy menu

The Waseda University Cooperative Association has cooperated with the Waseda University Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association in order to develop a healthy menu. In addition to small side dishes (52 yen) which can easily be added to meals, we are considering meals which enable students to get sufficient amounts of vegetables and protein in one dish (scheduled to be served in June). We recommend that students eat vegetables, fish and other foods which tend to be neglected on a daily basis. We also display calories on the receipt in order to increase student awareness towards nutritional balance. This healthy menu is available at Okuma Garden House and other cafeterias throughout our university.
(Keiko Ishihata, Waseda University Cooperative Association)

Menu developed together with the Waseda University Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association (example from last year)


Rice curry with summer vegetables


Using the internet to foster health awareness in students

As part of support for student lifestyles, information on events such as health festivals related to physical and emotional health is available on Waseda-net Portal, an internet site which can be used by all students, staff, faculty and alumni. In this way, Waseda University uses the internet to increase health awareness among students.