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Early Spring Issue (Apr.)


Striving for a bridge between theory and practice - "Professional Graduate School"

With the aim of creating workers with a high level of professionalism our university has established professional graduate schools.
Here we will present the significance of the united theoretical and practical curriculum that can only be seen in the professional graduate schools, and the educational effects it plays on undergraduate education.


Reach for your dream

We received comments from graduates on how they have used what they learnt at professional graduate school in an actual working environment.

Graduate School of Commerce (Waseda Business School)

I want to present products that can please with the marketing I studied at graduate school

Takarajimasha, Inc. Marketing headquarters, Advertising Division Chief
Keiko Sakurada (March 2008 graduate)

I have spent many years in sales promotion and public relations business, but I wanted to systematically study marketing and thought I would like to acquire management related knowledge that makes up the foundations of marketing, so I decided to enter the course.

At graduate school there were many classes taken by businessmen active in the corporate world and entrepreneurs, so it was extremely useful study. Also, when we had a task to analysis the marketing strategy of a certain company in the marketing strategy class, I analyzed Takarajimasha and was made fully aware of the importance of marketing. Proposals I have made in the company are now becoming the reason behind marketing meetings. By learning systematic knowledge I think I could also acquire theory, breeding persuasion skills and confidence in the workplace. I also learnt many things from people from different walks of life such as manufacturers, financiers and consultants.

After graduating I have used what I learnt to promote whole-company marketing. Our company's girls' fashion magazine sweet reached one million sales three times in 2010, gaining the top share for a publisher in fashion magazine sales in Japan.

Japan has an excellent publication distribution network. Through marketing I want to present products that can please customers in bookstores such as face rollers and music CDs, not just books and magazines, and enhance the industry.

The Okuma School of Public Management

With people from the region, I want to build a "town" overflowing with beauty and originality.

Hokuto City Government Office (Yamanashi Prefecture) General Affairs Division, Regional Section, Regional Activation Officer
Nobuyasu Mitsui (March 2010 graduate)

My dream is to build a "town", even be it small, overflowing with beauty and originality, where children can feel proud of the place they were born, a place they want to come back to. My decision to enter graduate school was based on the thinking that it was necessary to research practical policies, and through private initiative, strive for voluntary and independent regional building and regional activation, industry promotion and human resource training.

Everything that I learnt at graduate school is useful in my current line of work. Especially in the field work, I was able to feel the situation and issues of a region in person, and being able to directly listen to the thoughts and opinions of the locals was a good lesson for me. Until now, I have been satisfied by decided limits within myself and thinking, "this should be ok," but after entering graduate school, I learnt the importance and unlimited nature of "thinking" and "investigating."

I now have Professor Kitagawa's words, "think until your brain sweats," instilled in my heart, a think "more deeply, more flexibly, and more diversely," when making project proposals. In the future I want to put effort into "human resource training" and "linking with people."

The greatest merit of a professional graduate school is that you can build a wide network. By using this network, I am undertaking practical work and activities to help achieve my dream.

Waseda Law School

Wanting to become a "top-class lawyer" who can give multifaceted advice to businesses

Seiwa Meitetsu Law Office
Tomoyasu Kawami (March 2008 graduate / passed the New National Bar Examination the same year)

When I worked in the accounting section of a company, on top of understanding consolidated financial statements, I thought that I would like to become a lawyer who can give advice to businesses from many viewpoints, so I decided to enter law school.

Lessons related to business legal affairs including company laws made it easy to imagine actual situations, and I was able to enjoy my classes. With half-yearly class changes and many elective subjects and student study meetings, we were provided with a perfect atmosphere for network-building. I have also kept contact with fellow graduates who chose paths other than becoming lawyers, such as businesspeople and public officials, and this may be even more important than a lawyer network. In either case, there are many students here and I believe that the energetic communication between students is a special characteristic of Waseda Law School. At the law office where I work now, there are seniors I respect for their work and human aspects, and I feel I am in a truly blessed atmosphere.

What I learnt at law school came in useful for me realizing my dream and becoming a lawyer. But, I am still only at the starting line of my dream. I want to become a "top-class lawyer" who can be relied upon at crucial times, a lawyer who is trusted by his clients.

Graduate School of Finance, Accounting and Law

Creating new ideas as a financial pro in order for Japanese companies to maintain their vitality

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
Rieko Sakamoto (March 2010 graduate)

The motive behind my decision to enter the Graduate School of Finance, Accounting and Law was my switch from the general business world to the financial world. In order to change profession, I wanted to acquire the required business knowledge in an efficient manner. Also, by gaining financial knowledge backed up by theory and general monetary knowledge, I thought there would be a job for me through my experience with the troubles and issues facing general companies.

In "Japanese Financial Systems and Capital Markets" and "Investment Topics", I built my own "thought axis", and learnt academic theory that can't be gained through practical experience, and has the opportunity to build new idea creation theories.

The friendships forged with classmates who overcame difficulties through discussions together is irreplaceable, and the contacts that go beyond the business-type consciousness, are valuable assets.

Presently I am engaged in syndication work for a commercial bank. In order to offer high quality products, in addition to financial knowledge, I want to learn about a wide range of things such as economics, law and business strategies, hold my own opinions, and create new ideas by blending them with other opinions around me.

Graduate School of Accountancy

Challenging the global stage as a certified public accountant

PricewaterhouseCoopers Aarata
Takeyuki Hirai (March 2008 graduate / passed Certified Public Accountant Examination in 2007)

When I was doing corporate business duties for a commercial bank, I had the opportunity to come in contact with professionals such as certified public accountants (CPA) and licensed tax accountants, so I began to think that my future line of work lay in that field. I made the decision to join the school based on the appealing course content directly connected to practical work and not simply acquisition of knowledge.

During my studies, by learning basic accounting and auditing knowledge and writing tax law-related reports, I learnt the line of thinking behind the tax law. Outside of the basic lectures there were lectures delivered by professionals which developed a practical experience base, and while some content was difficult to comprehend at the time, similar situations have appeared in my current job, making my studies come in useful.

Because many of my classmates have progressed into the same field, I feel the importance of horizontal networks and being able to hold professional discussions without preparation. I am also grateful that, even after graduating, I can easily approach my tutors for professional discussions.

Now I am conducting business as a CPA, an accounting and auditing professional, but even the fields of accounting and auditing can not avoid globalization. If I get a chance, I would like to gain practical experience overseas.

Graduate School of Teacher Education

Hoping to give instruction where I am close to every student, and have them realize their dreams by accentuating their good points

Tokyo Metropolitan Matsugaya High School
Yoko Itozono (March 2010 graduate)

Despite getting my teacher's license at university, I spent five years working in a private company. During that time, I started thinking about what I really wanted to do and what I could do for myself, and because I hoped to become a teacher who could be involved in helping people grow, I entered graduate school.

In "School Training," we set a topic using what we had learnt, and by being able to reflect on post-training, we could unify both practice and theory. This is related to me reflecting on my dealings with students now.

At the graduate school I heard many opinions related to education from straight masters with no teaching experience, experienced workers, and practicing teachers. Now, my fellow classmates are active in different types of schools, so I get to hear about the situation at various types of schools. Sharing our problems and continuing to learn among friends is really stimulating.

A task for me in the future is to establish a teaching method that suits each individual student. I will search for methods that suit the students in various situations and deal with them over a long span. I aim to create a class and school atmosphere where students can look back 5, 10 years later with fond memories of their school life.

My dream is to have all the students realize their dreams, and have the students create a better society.

Professional graduate schools create wide-reaching human networks
Waseda On-Going MBA Tomonkai Group

This is a gathering of night school MBA graduates. Through this group each individual member is involved in high quality interaction, and aims to grow further by taking in the much wisdom, opinions and energy that is on offer.
The high quality exchange platform tries to plan and hold, as often as possible, regular talks, parties and events by inviting teachers from the Graduate School of Commerce or outside lecturers to speak.

Law School Tomonkai Group

This was established with the aim of creating a friendship and cooperation system among graduates from Waseda Law School.
Various events such as the New National Bar Association Examination report sessions and Thanks Law School Donation are organized, providing places for exchange. The "Waseda Law School Tomonkai Encouragement Award" has also been established. This awards students in Law School who enthusiastically participate in extracurricular activities and make contributions to society, becoming an aid in training lawyers.

Finance Tomonkai Group

This group aims to develop monetary and economic markets and make proposals and contributions to the country and society while being actively involved in management and the research and educational activities of the Nihonbashi Campus.
It holds regular events, seminar forums and study meetings, and is a project-based Tomonkai group that exhibits the power of human networks only seen at Waseda.