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Early Spring Issue (Apr.)


Striving for a bridge between theory and practice - "Professional Graduate School"

With the aim of creating workers with a high level of professionalism our university has established professional graduate schools.
Here we will present the significance of the united theoretical and practical curriculum that can only be seen in the professional graduate schools, and the educational effects it plays on undergraduate education.


Professional graduate schools raising experts

Dean of each graduate school introduces the characteristics and ideas of each school.


Raising the business leaders of the future
Graduate School of Commerce (Waseda Business School)

Energetic discussions take place in the horseshoe-shaped classroom.

WASEDA-Nanyang Double MBA Program

WASEDA-Nanyang Double MBA Program

In cooperation with Singapore's Nanyang Technological University, we have established a one-year program conducted in English. An MBA can be earned at both business schools. A program consisting of 10-20 business school students and full of international exchange. A program aimed at those with experience in multinational corporations, it is producing people who conduct management from a global point of view.

At this school we aim to raise business leaders of the future and professionals in each field of management who can be active in a global environment. There is a night program for current businesspeople and a full-time program, both of which practical experience is necessary. An almost even ratio of researchers and businesspeople are enrolled, improving their quality of education and research with aims such as "becoming aware of transmitting to the real business world", and "discovering and relaying creative information." To achieve this there are student participation lessons such as debates and group presentations, and lessons using strategy-centered cases (past example materials.) We also actively invite prominent people from the business world to give lectures, and present a curriculum with a link to society.

In the night program, in addition to acquiring basic knowledge required for an MBA, we have employed a "module system" to enhance professionalism in each separate area. In the full-time program, we have strengthened the existing English program to have a more international flavor to it, providing to global human resource training.

Business School Website ▶ http://www.waseda.jp/wbs/

Dean Eiko Tsujiyama

Dean Eiko Tsujiyama


Creating human resources who are active in a wide area with a view for "public management"
Okuma School of Public Management

(1)Okuma School of Public Management at Waseda Campus "Okuma Memorial Tower (Building No.26)"
(2)Opening ceremony for the summer intensive course "Okuma Regional Establishment Course"(At the Okuma Memorial Museum in Saga)
(3)Regional Activation System Report (At Hokuto City, Yamanashi Prefecture)

This is a graduate school that raises high-level professionals who can be active in society with a view for "public management." Students learn independently while interacting freely among each other. More than half the students are working students, so we provide lessons on weeknights and Saturdays.

At this school we respect the students' independence with a flexible exercise learning system where a semester is split into three courses in which students select several exercises from each course and are evaluated on presentations on their research. Importance is also placed on practical education with internships and field work taking place at central government agencies, local governments, Diet offices and mass communication agencies.

Another merit of the professional graduate school is the creation of human networks through research activities of the "Public Management Tomonkai Group" consisting of businessmen from a diverse range of professions and graduates. With the professionalism acquired at this school, there are graduates active in a wide range of fields such as public service, administration and mass communication, as well as manufacturing and think tanks. There are also people who establish their own businesses or NPOs, and those who continue on with their studies.

Okuma School of Public Management Website ▶ http://www.waseda-pse.jp/osp/

Dean Takayoshi Egami

Dean Takayoshi Egami


—Striving for a suitable learning environment for each and every student and continuing to evolve
Waseda Law School

A mock courtroom has been set up in Building No.8 of Waseda Campus where students take part in a diverse range of practical exercises and role-plays such as "mock civil trials" and "mock criminal trials," through which they can experience and acquire actual legal training.

At our law school, we are aiming to raise "challenging law professionals" who will cut open a path for the generation. To achieve that, we have a team of more than 160 researchers and professional lecturers urging each other on and continuing to raise the quality of education. About thirty percent of the students are non-School of Law graduates, businesspeople who come from a wide range of professions such as company workers, engineers, public officials and doctors.

Lessons are conducted with a Socratic method where students and educators exchange opinions and enhance their knowledge through lively debate. Substantial practical education is also provided through externships that encounter actual legal work at legal clinics, law offices, and company legal affairs divisions that handle real matters. We also have exchange agreements with top-class law schools in Europe, America and Asia, where students can undertake exchanges and become internationally-minded.

Many graduates who have passed the National Bar Examination are now active as judges, public prosecutors or lawyers. There are also graduates working as policy secretaries and government officials (central national authorities, foreign diplomats), positions where legal knowledge is necessary.

Starting from the 2011 entrance exam, we have introduced a system to give priority selection to businesspeople and non-School of Law graduates through the exam for non-legal background students. We are aiming to provide a learning atmosphere suitable for every student with ambitions of joining the legal profession.

Waseda Law School Website ▶ http://www.waseda.jp/law-school/

Dean Makoto Ishida

Dean Makoto Ishida


Raising professionals in "Nihonbashi", the center of financial and business activities
Graduate School of Financing, Accounting and Law

①The Nihonbashi Campus (COREDO Nihonbashi 5F) possesses a Cyber-trading Room where simulation lessons in an imaginary market and lectures by foreign businesspeople are held, creating a more than satisfactory learning environment for businesspeople
②The hall is a multipurpose classroom used for lessons and events
③Lounge space where students can chat, eat or study

Our school's mission is to train human resources who can greatly contribute to society while providing an international outlook and professional logic and being aware of the roles and influential powers in finance. About ninety percent of our students work full-time, and come from a variety of backgrounds, not only the financial world.

This graduate school is made up of thirty percent professional lecturers and seventy percent researchers. With advanced research centered on finance as a base, in order to convey fresh "living knowledge and information", we invite theorists and businessmen in the front line to give lectures, and provide practical financial professional education.

The merits at this school are not only being able to acquire high-level professional knowledge, but also being able to create a strong network of businesspeople who gather at the school, plentiful resources which can be accessed even after completion of the course.

Using their professional knowledge, graduates are active in their companies. Furthermore, there are also graduates who work in various fields as teachers, writers or economic analysts, and recently there has been a rise in the number of graduates conducting business, or establishing their own companies overseas.

Graduate School of Financing, Accounting and Law Website ▶ http://www.waseda.jp/wnfs/

Dean Megumi Suto

Dean Megumi Suto


Producing high-level accounting professionals by practicing "Accounting Plus One" education
"Graduate School of Accountancy"

①Large classroom (In Building No.11 of the Waseda Campus there are various sized classrooms catering for a diverse range of educational programs)
②In the first basement level of Building No.11 is a study room for commercial science graduate students, providing an atmosphere for more concentrated learning
③Lively discussions take place in the lessons

This school aims to produce workers with outstanding wisdom and logic who have acquired the "persuasion skills" and "problem-solving skills" that will be required of auditors and businesspeople in the coming generation.

The ratio of new graduates to full-time workers is about four to one. Also, of the 17 full-time lectures, six are professional lecturers with an abundance of experience as public accountants and lawyers. There are also numerous outstanding members of the researching staff with practical sense in accounting and information systems. Starting with the enrichment of practical and applied subjects, including workshops, behind the motto of "Accounting Plus One", students are putting their efforts into practical lessons outside of accounting such as consulting, IT, and English, to gain "another strength."

Many graduates now work for major auditing companies, and there are also a large number of students going on to find work in various companies dealing in finance, commerce and consulting. The strong network between graduates, students and staff also adds to the appeal of this graduate school. Including an expansion of Plus One education, we are planning to further enrich the high-level professional education across the board.

Graduate School of Accountancy Website ▶ http://www.waseda.jp/accounting/

Dean Hiroo Sasaki

Dean Hiroo Sasaki


Raising teaching skills to produce highly professional teachers
"Graduate School of Teacher Education"

①Review meeting while watching a video of mock lessons
②Mock lesson
③Mock classroom

This school offers a two year course for graduates continuing from university and a one year course for practicing teachers, with new graduates, current teachers, and experienced businesspeople with teaching licenses all studying together. Students are assigned mentors on entering the school, being provided with detailed support such as face-to-face consultations about registration and training advice, and lifestyle consultations.

In order to nurture practical instruction skills, a total of 50 days are assigned for "on-site training." In addition to general (compulsory) subjects, there are elective subjects to deepen understanding in ones chosen field and elective subjects to enhance education and professionalism. Eight professional lecturers and seven researchers work together to conduct lessons as full-time staff.

Most graduates go on to become teachers at public and private primary, middle and senior high schools. Current teachers either return to their schools or are placed on education boards, but their connections with graduates becomes a great boost to them.

In order to produce even more public and private school teachers in the future, we have created a clear vision of "teacher education as a Waseda Professional Graduate School."

Graduate School of Teacher Education Website ▶ http://www.waseda.jp/ted/

Dean Hironori Nagashima

Dean Hironori Nagashima