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Autumn Issue (Nov.)


The world is our campus
"Study Abroad" starts from Waseda

One mission of universities is to cultivate international professionals who are capable of performing on a global scale. Waseda University seeks to establish a "global campus" which enables study in any part of the world. This report introduces a variety of overseas study programs and the support system of our university.

Hideki Yamada

Part.3 The Center for International Education supports the realization of fulfilling overseas study

Making every effort to support student's first step into the unknown

Hideki Yamada
Center for International Education / Planning Office for International Education, International Affairs Division

Forming budgets and plans for studying abroad. Support for every uneasiness accompanying foreign study.

Every year at Waseda University, approximately 1500 students travel overseas as part of foreign study programs. Our mission is to support the smooth departure of students on overseas travel. We provide a wide variety of support that includes introducing affiliated schools, forming budgets and plans for studying abroad, and providing consultation regarding accredited courses.

Publications regarding foreign study

Foreign study plans include a variety of courses that range from several days to long-term overseas study of 1 year. Of course, a great amount of preparation is required for foreign study of 6 months or more, and we provide specialized support for such plans. In particular, we receive a large amount of consultation regarding budgets for studying abroad. Waseda possesses several scholarship systems for students participating in study abroad programs. Examples include scholarships provided by the Alumni Association. There are also scholarship loans provided by the Japan Students Support Organization. We provide consultation on budgets which match the conditions of each individual student. Nowadays, foreign study isn't an option for only a select few students. Approximately half of all students studying abroad utilize some sort of scholarship system. On a different subject, we also receive many questions regarding the acquisition of credits. Each undergraduate school has different standards for recognizing credits which are acquired while studying overseas. Therefore, we recommend that student consult the office of each undergraduate school. However, we do offer advice on how to incorporate foreign study while planning for graduation. Judging from past performance, it can be said that it has recently become easier to have all credits acquired overseas recognized as credits at Waseda University.

Expanding further support

Students participating in long-term foreign study can receive a variety of support depending on the phase of their study. For example, in terms of support offered before leaving for foreign study, we give advice on selecting a university and offer preparatory language education. During study abroad, we operation a 24-hour support desk and convey information related to crisis management. Recently, there has been an increase in vendors that offer to arrange study abroad programs. However, the Center for International Education offers outstanding support in terms of both quality and quantity, and I hope that students will take advantage of our services. We also focus on preparatory education because the results of studying abroad are increased by acquiring language ability in advance. Furthermore, we would like to form partnerships with each undergraduate school in order to create programs which allow students to consider studying abroad immediately after having entered our university. Additionally, we plan to enhance the information available at our center by gathering a great amount of experience from students who have returned to Japan after completing their study abroad.

I hope that students with an interest in studying abroad will visit our center. Even if students initially have only a vague idea, a specific image may gradually come into form when discussing with center staff the type of country which they wish to visit and the type of lifestyle which they wish to lead. Of course, in addition to enjoyment, foreign study also presents a number of challenges. It is for this very reason that foreign study presents such a chance for individual growth. Our center will make every effort to support students, so I hope that students will have the courage to take a first step towards the unknown.