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New Year Issue (Jan.)


Creating Connections with Citizens
University Social Partnerships
-Creating New Value-


Possibility seen in project's sincerity

How is Waseda's social partnership actually conducted?
What is a "win-win relationship"?-Seeking the answer to this question in each area of the project.

Pickup 1) Corporations, students, staff, and faculty come together to address issues
Nissan/Waseda Professionals Workshop

Based on the February 2006 memorandum conducted in regards to organizational partnership, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to Nissan) and Waseda University have conducted joint research in automotive technology and have also cooperated in the fields of personnel exchange and social contribution. This article introduces the achievements of the "Nissan/Waseda Professionals Workshop", one of the projects conducted through the partnership, from the perspectives of both Waseda University and corporations.

At the executive presentation, the improvement of student's presentation ability was evaluated as having increased dramatically.
Photograph from 2007

The Professionals Workshop which has been implemented since 2007 is a project for practical joint education between industry and academia. The project creates the opportunity for corporations and Waseda University to study through shared goals. Currently, the Professionals Workshop is conducted through partnerships with 7 corporations. The corporation side utilizes the university's intellectual property and student's opinions in marketing activities and solving problems, while the university side is able to refine the work sensibility and communication skills of students. A win-win relationship has been constructed that provides the opportunity for education that cannot be acquired by studying inside our university alone.

The Nissan/Waseda Professionals Workshop, which entered its 3rd year of implementation this year, was one of the first projects implemented as part of the Professionals Workshop. In 2007, the Human Resources Department of Nissan cooperated with groups recruited through open application in order to address the theme of "Development of a Recruiting Message Towards Female Students of Science & Engineering". Furthermore, 2 groups from the seminar of Professor Naoto Onzo (School of Commerce) cooperated with the Nissan Market Information Office to address the theme of "Analysis of and Solutions for Young People's Separation from Motor Vehicles" and "What kind of business method Nissan should aim at."

In January of 2008, a presentation was given before Mr. Carlos Ghosn, President & CEO of Nissan, and Waseda University President Shirai. The presentation was met with high evaluation. Information from the presentation was shared within Nissan, and part of an idea that was raised during discussion between students and Nissan employees was incorporated into a concept car exhibited in the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show.

In January 2008, a presentation was held in front of Mr. Carlos Ghosn, President & CEO of Nissan, and Waseda University President Shirai.

Students from Professor Onzo's seminar began to participate in the Nissan/Waseda Professionals Workshop from the 2nd year of the project. The theme of "next-generation motor vehicle culture/mobility" was submitted by Nissan in 2009, the 3rd year of the project. Beginning with a first presentation given at a kickoff meeting held on June 22nd, the project moved through stages including a tour of Nissan facilities in July, an interim presentation given in August, a final presentation given in September, and an executive presentation given in October. The quality of the presentation contents was refined through more than 12 meetings with Nissan that were accompanied by feedback to students.

The Nissan/Waseda Professionals Workshop and other aspects of the Professionals Workshop are positioned as part of Waseda University's "Next 125" project. Young staff members are deeply involved in progress management and other details of the project.

The following statement was given by Mr. Masaru Kokubun (affiliated with the Toyama Campus Administrative Office), a member of operations staff for the Professionals Workshop and supervisor of the Nissan/Waseda Professionals Workshop.

"A great number of students were able to participate in the Nissan/Waseda Professionals Workshop during the 2nd and 3rd year of the projects. Naturally, the individual characteristics of students are completely different for each person every year. Within such a situation, when the finished results produced by students were unfavorable, we held direct discussion with each student and searched for the reason of the poor results. When a problem occurs in progress on the corporate side, we listen to situation of the corporation and make the necessary adjustments, continually locating a position that produces the maximum benefit for both the university (students) and the corporation."

2009 executive presentation. Nissan executives, project managers, Professor Onzo and students.

Additionally, the following statement was given by Mr. Keisuke Ono, a member of the Academic Affairs Section of the Waseda University Academic Affairs Division and a staff member of the Professionals Workshop: "Our university continues to unify and perform cross-sectional management of the project. This is a completely new kind of approach. Previously, staff had only seen the large forest of the "student body". However, like seeing each individual leaf of a tree, staff are now associated with each individual student. There is a great deal of satisfaction in such work."

In the future, Waseda University will perform test implementation in 2010 of an approach that allows 2 or 3 seminars to make proposals to one corporation. This approach is designed to create educational opportunities for even more students. Waseda plans to work for the further invigoration of the Professionals Workshop project.

Waseda as a hub for joint corporate debate

Mr. Koki Sone, General Manager
(1975 graduate of the Waseda University School of Science and Engineering)
IP Promotion Department
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

The Nissan/Waseda Professionals Workshop is part of projects for the educational aspect of Nissan's 3 principles of social contribution-environment, humanity, and education.

Proposals incorporating the aspects of student perspectives, neutral positions, and instruction from marketing professional Professor Onzo are of great benefit to Nissan in resolving problems actually faced by our company. One particular result of the project is the understanding gained regarding the gap between the car image thought of by working adults who develop vehicles and the car image of the younger generation. For example, consider the "feeling of excitement towards cars" which was contained in this year's presentation. Opinions from students dealt with excitement towards driving that considers safety and the environment, as well as with placing emphasis on connections with people. When considering such opinions, it is obvious that the feeling of our generation-it's cool to ride in a Skyline-is no longer relevant. There were many lessons like this that we took to heart.

In 2009, over a period of 5 months, Nissan's "Social Frontier Research Institute" held passionate exchanges, conducted debate, and gave thorough instruction regarding aspects such as proper speech during presentations. There was obvious improvement in the quality of contents when comparing June's first presentation with October's executive presentation.

Passionate debate was held with Nissan project managers in the interim presentation.

Waseda's school song contains the lyrics "while remembering the real world, hold an eternal ideal". In accordance with the meaning of these lyrics, I hope that students spend their time at Waseda thinking about how they can approach their image of their future self, while at the same time considering their position and reflecting upon themselves. I believe that this workshop has great significance in helping students to achieve such a process.

A wide variety of Professional Workshops are being held at Waseda. In the future, I hope that Waseda will serve as a hub and create the opportunity for joint corporate debate regarding the realization of projects of even deeper significance.

Experience that cannot be acquired within university is an asset.
Hoping to stimulate other students.

Faculty of Commerce
Professor Naoto Onzo

Through contact with business, a major objective of the Professionals Workshop is to provide the opportunity for new education which cannot be obtained within university. 3rd year students of my seminar have participated in the Nissan/Waseda Professionals Workshop from 2007.

Students have grown dramatically by participating in the workshop. They undergo extensive training and become able to conduct public speaking in a confident and logical manner. Furthermore, students gain experience in a new world through exchanges with working adults of a wide variety of ages.

Additionally, after students are assigned problems by corporations, they must search through documentation and examine written materials. Within a limited period of time, students come together to conduct intellectual work and to reconcile their opinions. Within that process, students find their own roles within a group and prepare contents for the final presentation, sometimes even experiencing arguments along the way. During the initial year of the project, it was often necessary for me to commit myself and make great efforts to guide the students. However, beginning from the 2nd year of the project, older students imparted their knowledge to younger students. I believe that this process is an invaluable experience that serves as a foundation for a favorable start as a working adult.

In my opinion, it is necessary for Waseda to transmit more information regarding these kinds of student activities in order to stimulate other students.

Student VoiceUnderstanding the importance of group work

Ms. Yukiko Ochiai
3rd Year Student at the School of Commerce, Onzo Seminar

I decided to participate in this workshop because I believed that it would provide me with experiences that other students lacked and that it would certainly lead to my growth as an individual.

In actuality, it was very difficult for me to give form to my thoughts. There were many times when opinions differed within the group and we were unable to move forward. During such times, we moved forward one step at a time by holding extensive discussions until mutual satisfaction was reached and by receiving advice from others around us. I was able to gain a deep understanding of other member's thinking through such discussions, and I was greatly stimulated by the experience. Ultimately, I received the valuable experience of presenting results in front of top corporate executives.

Through the workshop activities, I learned the difficulty of creating something new and the importance of group work. Although it may seem simple to blend opinions and create something new, it is actually quite difficult. I gained a great deal of confidence by working with the group to achieve our goals.

I hope to remember what I have learned from participation in the workshop and to apply that knowledge to my life in the future.

Pickup 2) Expanding the "connection of knowledge" outside and invigorating the inside of school
Nishi-Tokyo Project "I Love Science & Mathematics: Experiment workshop"

Through cooperation with Nishi-Tokyo City, this project aims to contribute to the development of local society and the development of professionals in fields such as education, culture and sports.
This articles introduces the "I Love Science & Mathematics: Experiment workshop", a part of this project which has met with a favorable reception from local parents and elementary school students.

Making a water rocket from a plastic bottle and launching the rocket on school grounds. The rocket flew surprisingly high and far.

In 2007, together with the start of activities by the Development of University-Local Relations Liaison Office, the "I Love Science & Mathematics: Experiment workshop" started as a joint project of Waseda University, Nishi-Tokyo City, and the Nishi-Tokyo City Educational Committee. Through the cooperation of Waseda University Senior High School (hereafter referred to as "Senior High School"), the event is held with the aim of cultivating children's interest in science and mathematics through enjoyable experiments and classes. Furthermore, the Senior High School was designated as a Super Science High School in 2006, and the event seeks to return such national support to the community.

The "I Love Science & Mathematics: Experiment workshop" is held for elementary school students living in Nishi-Tokyo City. The event enables students to experience experiments which cannot be conducted at elementary schools and to participate in classes based on the broad knowledge of instructors from the Senior High School. The event is very popular as a unique experiment workshop. For the Senior High School, the partnership with Nishi-Tokyo City creates an opportunity for the "recognition of knowledge" through interaction with elementary school students, and also contributes to expanding the "connection of knowledge" outside of the school.

Parents who participated in the experiment workshop expressed impressions such as the following: "I appreciate the opportunity for children to perform activities which they cannot experience at school. In the future, I hope to have my child participate again in these kinds of activities." "The instructors lecture was really interesting and I enjoyed it just as much as my child."

Mr. Kouji Sakaguchi, Mayor of Nishi-Tokyo City, also gave his impression after observing the classes. "Experiences had together with parents, in a new environment, and under the instruction of an outstanding instructor have positive impact on children. In the future, I hope that barriers are lowered and social partnership is advanced."

The contents of the experiment workshop are being expanded every year. High expectations for the future are held by Mr. Takahiro Tachibana and Mr. Akira Yanagiya, instructors at the Senior High School. "We are like messengers. We hope to plant seeds that will make even more children notice the appeal of science and mathematics."

A rubber ball flash-frozen using liquid nitrogen shatters into small pieces when dropped on the floor by the instructor! Afterwards, children observed the flash-freezing of various items that they brought from home.

Observing plankton through a microscope. Senior High School students support the children's experiments.

Mr. Kouji Sakaguchi, Mayor of Nishi-Tokyo City, enjoys observing classes (center of back row)

Instructors Mr. Yanagiya and Tachibana discuss the rewards of the experiment workshop.

Pickup 3) Form of a new partnership in which the university links communities together
Nakano Project "Management-Seat of Learning Nakano: Class on Improved Management"

This Nakano Ward Project is conducted with the goal of educating all people on the coexistence of different cultures and of contributing to the community. The project is a precursor to the establishment of the "International Community Plaza (provisional name)" which is scheduled for operation within Nakano Ward. As part of the project, the "Management-Seat of Learning Nakano" program is creating a network with Sumida Ward, which is conducting joint activities with the cooperation of Waseda University.

Tour of Daimatsu Dyeing Factory, manufacturer of Edo-style patterns. Class participants showed deep interest in the techniques of traditional craftsmen.

From 2008, the "Class on Improved Management" has been held through the cooperation of Nakano Ward and Waseda University. This class performs development of professionals through a total of 5 classes and is intended for managers of businesses and management executives within Nakano Ward. The class is part of the management-related "Management-Seat of Learning Nakano" course that has been held by Nakano Ward since 2006. The goal of the class is to create a community of management professionals and to construct a system for the cultivation and production of professionals through a partnership between industry, academia, and government. In its second year of implementation, the class is moving towards achievement of these goals and has conducted all 5 class by placing emphasis on the following themes: "cultivation of appealing managers who develop professionals who serve as management resources", and "in addition the revitalization of small and mid-sized companies within the ward, creation of a network that enables managers to improve each other and to engage in casual discussion". Continuing from last year, invited instructors include Professor Shinichi Tomonari of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, as well as Mr. Minoru Fukada, President of Fukanaka Plating Industries Co., Ltd. in Nakano Ward. In addition to imparting students with knowledge, the class also develops networks between managers.

"Considering Management through Exchange with Managers in Sumida Ward" was the theme of the 3rd class, which was held on October 21st. After a lecture given by Professor Tomonari, participants embarked on foot to visit 3 small and mid-size companies in Sumida Ward. Through factory tours and exchanges of opinions with managers, class participants gave thought to the reasons that managers are able to work energetically and also considered their own shortcomings. Afterwards, thorough discussion was held at a social gathering.

Mr. Fukada discussed the merits of the partnership project and his expectations for the future. "Participants become more active with each class, and a sense of camaraderie has also blossomed. For the purpose of developing professionals, it is rational to incorporate into Nakano Ward the know-how that has been put to practical use in Sumida Ward since several years ago. Such activities could not be realized without a university serving as the hub. Waseda's presence as the axis of the project also allows us to expect sustainability."

Our university has begun to bear the new role of revitalizing communities by connecting different communities together.

Professor Tomonari conducts a lecture entitled "The Management of Managers."

A Q&A conference is held with the company President at a factory of Suntech Corporation, a plastic manufacturer.

President Minoru Fukada of Fukanaka Plating Industries Co., Ltd. served as guide of Sumida Ward.

Listening to the system for plastic transfer formation at a factory of Osato-Kako Ltd.