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Current Situation of the Globalization of Waseda University

Let's check the current situation of the globalization of Waseda University with numerical values. The variation in the past 5 years indicates steady globalization.

Aiming to welcome 8,000 international students

In 2007, President Katsuhiko Shirai announced the policy of enrolling 8,000international students within 5 years and dispatching 8,000 students to overseas colleges.
Between 2003 and 2007, international students and dispatched students increased.

Waseda University linked to the world

As of April 8, 2008, Waseda University has collaborative relationships with 543 universities in 75 countries or regions, dominated by 75 universities in China, followed by 68 universities in the United States.

Personnel are exchanged actively. In addition, Waseda University's offices were established in 7 countries, to assist us in educational and research activities, do public relations activities, and gather information.


Waseda University Paris Office (established in 2005)
This office backs up the educational and research activities of Waseda University in France.


Waseda University European Center in Bonn (established in 1991)
This center backs up the research activities of Waseda University targeted at Europe.


Waseda University Beijing Office (established in 2004)
This office backs up the educational and research activities of Waseda University in China, mainly in Beijing.


Waseda University Shanghai Education & Research Center (to be established on May 27, 2008)
This office will back up the educational and research activities of Waseda University in China, mainly in Shanghai.


Waseda Education in Thailand (opened in 2003)
This school offers the high-quality, efficient education of the Japanese language based on the collaborative administration with Saha Group as one of the personnel development activities that would contribute to the improvement of the Japan-Thailand relation.


Waseda University Singapore Office(established in 2004)
This office manages the undertakings of Waseda University in Singapore, and conduct public relations activities and glean information mainly in Singapore.

Waseda-Olympus Bioscience Research Institute(established in 2004)
Bioscience research is conducted in collaboration with Olympus Imaging Corporation.


Waseda Oregon Office(established as a nonprofit public-interest corporation in 1999)
This office executes the Waseda Oregon Program, and operates the international exchange undertakings in the United States.

Double-degree program for enabling students to earn the degrees of Waseda University and of the overseas college simultaneously

In 2005, Waseda University initiated the double-degree program, in order to promote the educational cooperation with prestigious universities in foreign countries. In the double-degree program, if a student studies and completes a designated curriculum in an overseas college and then satisfied specified requirements, the student can receive the designated degree from the overseas college when graduating from Waseda University. As of now, we conduct this program with the following four colleges, and international students are making efforts.

This year, graduate school started the program in which some students of the master's course can be dispatched to Fudan University in China or Taiwan University in Taiwan to earn a master's degree, and the program in which some doctoral students can be dispatched to Columbia University (the U.S.) to earn a master's degree. Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and Graduate School of Commerce, Waseda University established jointly the "Waseda-Nanyang Double MBA Program" for enabling students to earn both MBA degrees in 2006.

List of the double-degree programs targeted at undergraduate students
  Peking University Fudan University Taiwan University National University
of Singapore
Country/region China China Taiwan Singapore
Language Chinese (partly English) Chinese Chinese English
Overseas study period 1 year 1 year 1.5 years 1.5 or 2 years
Enrollment limit 15 15 5 5
Subject to be studied International relations Journalism Politics Human sociology or science & engineering (selectable)
Degree type Secondary bachelor's degree Bachelor's degree Bachelor's degree Bachelor's degree
Target Undergraduate students Undergraduate students Undergraduate students (from specified departments) Undergraduate students