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Autumn Issue (Jul. 2013)

Waseda rediscovery
Photo: Yoichi Sato

cover story

Towering symbol of Science and Engineering

Nishi-Waseda Campus is home to the Faculty of Science and Engineering, which contains 3 schools and 6 graduate schools.
The campus was completed in spring of 1967 as part of a project to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Waseda University. The campus stands on the former site of the Toyama Shooting Range of the Imperial Guard.
In the middle of the campus stands the towering Building No. 51. With 18 aboveground floors and 2 underground floors, the building stands at 70.4 meters and was one of Japan’s tallest buildings at the time of its construction.
The building featured an advanced design with recessed windows and a seismic-resistant brace positioned in a check pattern. The building was designed by Professor Katsuo Ando and Professor Gengo Matsui of the Department of Architecture. For their work, the two professors were awarded the Prize of the Architectural Institute of Japan.
The Nishi-Waseda Campus was opened with 10 buildings including a classroom building, an experiment building and a laboratory building. The campus has continued to grow together with the School of Science of Engineering, and it now possesses 17 buildings.
In 2008, Nishi-Waseda Station was opened to connect the campus directly with the Fukutoshin Line on the Tokyo Metro.
Even today, Building No. 51 still stands as a symbol of science and engineering. It towers over students, staff and faculty who come to the Nishi-Waseda Campus to perform advanced academic research with the goal of furthering the world’s science and technology.