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Spring Verdure Issue (May. 2013)

Waseda rediscovery
Cover & Top Photo: Yoichi Sato
(Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences)

cover story

An unchanging spring tradition

Placards and banners cover the campus. As they make their way through throngs of waiting older students, new students emerge with bunches of pamphlets in both hands.

At booths set up throughout campus, fresh faces can be seen listening carefully to explanations.

This is the photograph showing efforts to attract new students to university clubs, which can be called a spring tradition.

Even when counting only officially recognized clubs, there are about 580 clubs at Waseda University.

Clubs encompass a vast range of activities from research in the humanities, social science and natural science to art and sports. When including unofficial clubs, the number is said to reach up to 1,000 or 2,000.

According to university records from the end of the Meiji Period, 33 clubs were listed as “student research groups.” More than a few clubs already possess a history that exceeds 100 years.

Even as times change, the quality of rich variety and vitality is passed down in the forest of Waseda.