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Early Spring Issue (Apr. 2013)

Waseda rediscovery

Cover & Top Photo: Yoichi Sato
(Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences)

cover story

Cultural works conveying the wisdom of predecessors

― Love this life deeply.

― Know yourself through reflection.

― Cultivate yourself through the process of learning.

― Expect more of yourself every day.

Dr. Yaichi Aizu was also known as a poet and author under pseudonym of Shūsō Dōjin. He wrote calligraphy of his own “principles of learning” and presented them to many of his disciples. During his time at Waseda University, Dr. Aizu studied English literature under the instruction of Shōyō Tsubouchi. Afterwards, he aspired to conduct research on oriental art history and eventually began teaching at Waseda. Based on his belief that both actual art works and literature are essential aspects of education and research in art history, Dr. Aizu spent his personal finances to collect more than 4,000 works of Chinese funeral vessels, mirrors and baked tiles. This collection is a pillar of the Aizu Museum, which houses and exhibits approximately 18,000 works including precious donated material and academic research material accumulated by our university. When walking through the silence of the exhibition room which was once the main reading room of a library, you can almost hear the wisdom of our predecessors being conveyed from the numerous works of art.