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Autumn Issue (Nov.)

Waseda rediscovery

Cover & Top Photo: Yoichi Sato (Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences)

cover story

Nurturing the possibilities of advanced medicine

TWIns is located in the Wakamatsu neighborhood of the Shinjuku Ward, quite far from Waseda University.

TWIns is a new kind of research and educational institution that was jointly founded by Tokyo Women's Medical University and Waseda University in 2008. The institution seeks to combine the fields of medicine, science and engineering.

TWIns provides an opportunity for researchers and students from a variety of backgrounds to overcome the barriers of specific organization or fields in order to become familiar with each other's research.

The institution designed to create new encounters of knowledge. For example, free meeting space is available in all areas of each floor.

Another example is the open laboratory which contains all the laboratories for the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Science. The open laboratory is designed to encourage interaction while enabling efficient sharing of facilities and equipment.

The medicine-science-engineering partnership between the two universities started 40 years ago from joint research in artificial hearts. Just like twins, the two universities have embarked together on a path towards new medicine.

The official name of the institution is the Tokyo Women's Medical University/Waseda University Joint Institution for Advanced Biomedical Sciences. The institution combines the fields of biomedicine, bioengineering, modern mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and bioscience, and biology from Waseda University with the field of cell sheet engineering for regenerative medicine from Tokyo Women's Medical University. Also includes the joint major in Advanced Biomedical Engineering and Science at the graduate schools of each university.