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Spring Verdure Issue (May)

Waseda rediscovery

Cover & Top Photo: Yoichi Sato (Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences)

cover story

WASEDA BEAR―Connecting campuses

It expands by the click.

The bus has a picture of WASEDA BEAR, dressed in a graduation cap and gown.

This bus connects Waseda Campus with Nishi-Waseda Campus (Science and Engineering).

In April 2006, service was renewed from the former microbus to a full-sized bus.

During the 125th anniversary of Waseda University's founding (2007), WASEDA BEAR was selected as the new mascot of Waseda University. It replaced Fuku-chan, who had been beloved for many years.

We requested creation by numerous professionals such as designers and comic book artists. Finalists selected by the Mascot Selection Committee were submitted to a survey by students, alumni, faculty and staff. From over 60 candidates, the work of comic book artist Kenshi Hirokane (who graduated from the School of Law in 1970) was selected.

Since then, WASEDA BEAR has appeared in many places, included official university goods.

Versions of WASEDA BEAR wearing baseball and rugby uniforms have also been released. It has fixed as the new mascot character of Waseda University.

Together with WASEDA BEAR, the two route buses carry students, faculty and staff who are traveling between classes, club activities and meetings. On class days, each bus makes 25 round-trips. A total of 150 thousand people used the buses each year.