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Early Spring Issue (Apr.)

Waseda rediscovery

Cover photo: Yoichi Sato (Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences)

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Surviving wartime damage, the school buildings we continue to love

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Starting with the former auditorium, the university experienced loss and destruction of buildings of the Great Kanto Earthquake.

The fourth President Hozumi Tanaka devoted all his efforts into total reconstruction with fire and quake resistant construction in the heart of the university.

This group of reinforced concrete buildings which appeared straddling the year of 50th anniversary (1932), has survived through the devastation of war, and has long been loved as the face of the university.

One of those buildings is Building No. 3 and is home to the Faculty of Political Science and Economics.

This Building No.3 which "rises above everything", was originally two separate buildings.

The southern half of the transparent designed main entrance doors leads to the main building, and the northern half leads to the classrooms of the School of Political Science and Economics and the School of Law.

The two U-shaped buildings which encircle a courtyard were built in 1959 and connected with a bridge.

In the courtyard, where there was once a flowing circular fountain made of Oya tuff stone, there now stands a statue of second President Masasada Shiozawa watching over the students.

80 years have passed since the large reconstruction of the campus, and in the present day where Waseda Campus continues to be serviced, construction plans for a new building at Building No.3, where many students have been nurtured, are also underway.