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Autumn Issue (Nov.)

Waseda rediscovery

Cover Photograph: Professor Yoichi Sato (Faculty of Social Sciences)

Cover Story

An important base supporting both academics and sports

The word "WASEDA" stands out in pure white letters on a field of green.

This March, Higashi-Fushimi Baseball Stadium was reborn through the installation of artificial turf.

Located approximately in the middle of the Waseda Campus and Tokorozawa Campus, the Higashi-Fushimi Campus (Nishi-Tokyo City) has an area of roughly 89,000 m2.

The Higashi-Fushimi Campus is an important base for supporting Waseda athletics. The campus possesses athletic grounds and training facilities for sports such as baseball, softball, tennis, soccer, equestrian events, football and hockey. Additionally, the campus possess overnight training facilities for each athletic team, as well as a sports hall equipped with an archery range, sumo ring, shooting range and training gym.

Furthermore, in addition to physical education classes and the activities of each sports team, the campus also hosts lectures and exercises by the School of Human Sciences, the School of Sport Sciences, and the Open Education Center. Facilities include a classroom building containing a computer room and an auditorium capable of seating 200.

This campus was donated to our university in 1925. At that time, there were no lights or lavatories on the campus. However, after passing through multiple development projects, Higashi-Fushimi Campus now boasts a rich wealth of facilities.