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Waseda rediscovery

Cover Photograph: Yoichi Sato (Visiting Associate Professor at the Art and Architecture School)

cover story

Scenic beauty on campus.

Deep within Okuma Garden, there exists an environment that will make you briefly forget that you are on a campus located in a metropolitan area.

Kanshiso (Tea Ceremony Style House) was donated in 1952 by university alumnus Mr. Fusazo Ogura (1908 graduate of the Faculty of Commerce).

Kanshiso is a traditional home that was constructed more than 700 years ago and remained in a mountain village of the Hida region. Mr. Ogura moved the house to his personal residence in Shibuya and treasured the building as a place for daily quiet and relaxation. The name Kanshiso is derived from Mr. Ogura's pseudonym of "Kanshi".

All of the chestnut pillars are erected directly on top of the cornerstone. Finishing was performed using beams together with carving by an adze. Planing was not performed and no nails were removed. The iron fireplace, the hidana (a fixture hung over the fireplace to prevent sparks from flying), and the trammel are all in original condition, as are a scoop for performing sacred ablutions and a stone gate located at the edge of the veranda.

Upon entering the sliding double door of the building, visitors will find themselves in the earthen entrance hall. Behind the sliding screen is a living area that also serves as a meeting place for alumni and for university officials.