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Midsummer Issue (Jul.)

Waseda rediscovery

Photograph: Kaname Takenouchi (1st year student in Master's Program of the Graduate School of Global Information and Telecommunication Studies)

cover story

Celebrating Japan's first placing at the Olympics.

The surface of a body of water quietly reflects sunlight on a corner of a slope on the Toyama Campus (Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences).

In 1924, Mr. Katsuo Takaishi (School of Commerce), a member of the Waseda University Swimming Club, finished 5th in the 100 meters and 1,5000 meters events in men's swimming at the 8th Olympics held in Paris, France.

He also finished 4th in the 800 meter relay, brining the first-ever Olympic placing to Japan.

In the following year, the "Takaishi Memorial Pool" was constructed in honor of his achievements. The pool was opened with a christening from Waseda University President Sanae Takata.

A large number of Waseda swimmers have trained here and then gained recognition from the world.

The pool was renovated into an indoor heated pool in November of 1965, and then underwent another complete renovation in April of 1992.

In addition to lessons, the pool is opened to everyone inside of the university, and one can see the forms of students, faculty and staff swimming quietly.