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Waseda rediscovery

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Cover Photograph: Mr. Yoichi Sato, Visiting Associate Professor at the Art and Architecture School

Building No. 11 on the Waseda Campus has been completed.

The building boasts at height of 68.5 meters, second only to the Okuma Memorial Tower, which is 75.75 meters. Although the building contains the most advanced facilities, it also retains a certain sense of nostalgia.

This nostalgia is found in a faithful reproduction of the entrance of the former Building No. 11. The former Building No. 11 was constructed in 1938 through donations from graduates of the School of Commerce.

The new Building No. 11 was constructed to give a sense of the original vestige. This was done to honor the achievements and love for Waseda found in the contributors to the former building, as well as to pass on memory and tradition to the next generation.

Additionally, wood is used generously in the floor and chairs of the lecture hall.

The construction gives a sense of the warmth of wood and encourages reminiscence of classrooms in the past.

Building No. 11 combines history and innovation, existing as a symbol to pass on the long tradition of Waseda.