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Waseda rediscovery

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Blue Mummy Mask

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The blue mummy mask of Senu, a government official who was active 3,800 years ago.

The mask was discovered by an excavation team of the Waseda University Institute of Egyptology at a site north of Dashur in 2005. The institute has had many successful results during the last 40 years.

This mummy of Senu is the oldest case of excavation in complete form, before any illegal digging had taken place, and is an extremely valuable find.

Academic excavation and surveying in Egypt was started by countries such as France and England in the beginning of the 19th century. Many of the unearthed objects were carried from Egypt to Europe.

However, the Institute of Egyptology has established a method in which none of the excavated objects are transported outside of Egypt. All finds are kept in Egypt for preservation and research.

The world’s first exhibition of the blue mummy mask took place at the “Sakuji Yoshimura:

Exhibition of 40 Years of Egyptian Excavations by Waseda University”, and was made possible through the special cooperation of the Egyptian government.

The relationship of trust between Waseda and Egypt that was established over a period of many years has opened the door to 5,000 years of Egyptian history.