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Waseda rediscovery

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It That Tells Time to the Forest of Waseda

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Eternally ticking the time away is the Okuma Auditorium clock tower. Its height is about 125 shaku or 38 meters, the same as a 7 story building. That is, it is a number associated with the "125 year life theory" that Shigenobu Okuma was always advocating. It went like this, "If a person is healthy, they can live to be 125 years old."

Upon climbing the ladder to the roof, these bells can be seen in the top of the tower.

The bells were transported through the Panama Canal all the way from the MacLean Company in Baltimore, USA.

It is said to be the first time four bells, both large and small, were used in Japan to produce a harmony.

The bells are rung six times per day, at 8 am, 9 am, 12 pm, 4 pm, 8 pm, and 9 pm.

The hammer moves in the manner of a mechanical clock, and the bells continue ringing for 30 seconds.

It tells Waseda the time by playing the same harmony as England's Westminster Abby.

These bells are the only ones actually being rung in the suburbs of the metropolitan area.

It has melded into the area's atmosphere and become an important asset of the people.