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I hope to fuse theory and practice in public administration.

Prof. Kouichirou Agata
Faculty of Political Science and Economics

The book entitled "Human Relationships in Hierarchical Society" I read when I was a high school student motivated me to pursue research activities. The author Chie Nakane's theory about Japanese people was intriguing, and after listening to her clear-cut lecture through the trial broadcast of the University of the Air, I was fascinated by social science. I specialize in public administration. The organizations of public administration are also hierarchical from the micro viewpoint. Therefore, Ms. Nakane is my mentor who considerably influenced my life.

The book that dictated the life of Prof. Agata: "Human Relationships in Hierarchical Society"

One of the basic targets of my research is "German federalism." I pursue what Japan should learn from German public administration. Based on the results of my research, I would like to contribute to the promotion of the academic exchange between Japan and Germany. Another target is "public management as advanced public administration," that is, the concept that social issues should be addressed by not only governments but also citizens (market), NPO, and NGO together. Through the process of these researches, my tasks at central governmental offices increased outside university. I am now serving as a council member for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Since April of this year, I have served as the official of Research Promotion Bureau of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, to give advices regarding policy evaluation, information & communication, and university measures. As one example, when I was involved in the assessment before university establishment, it was very interesting for me, university personnel, to discuss how university should be and give advices from the viewpoint of an outsider. The experiences at these positions will be useful for our university administration and be utilized for my own research and education. I am dedicated to research while being grateful to have taken a position where I can not only apply theory to practice but also apply practice to theory. I had had no chance to directly talk with Prof. Nakano, who led me to academia, but one year ago, I ran across her and I spoke to her daringly, to express my thanks. This was 35 years after I first read her book.

In Agata's seminar, students can enjoy learning with peers in the summer camp and collaborative research with other universities, and pursue the seminar's theme. The results of the seminar are documented as a book, and stored in the students' reading room. In addition, the seminar data is stored in CDs, which are distributed to all members.

Recent students are diligent, and study hard, completing their curricula. Their abilities to gather and summarize information by utilizing the Internet, etc. could not be seen in our old days. I always say to students, "You can continue only what you like." Accordingly, in my seminar, students can determine the themes of their collaborative researches and theses, and so they study based on their own ideas.

As for my interests, I have belonged to a choir for 40 years, and sing a song of Bach, my most favorite composer, in my free time. The primary reason why I started studying the German language is that Germany is the home country of Bach, the mecca of classical music. We can enjoy ourselves by singing a Bach's song, and feel as if we were in another world by listening to it. Bach's pieces have unparalleled attractiveness. By the way, the BGM of our laboratory's website is Goldberg Variations. Music is the most refreshing, enabling me to escape from my everyday life. Without music, my pleasures in life will decrease by half.

Prof. Kouichirou Agata, Faculty of Political Science and Economics

graduated from Faculty of Political Science and Economics in 1979. Worked as an assistant at the faculty from 1982. Obtained Dr.rer.publ (doctoral degree in public administration) in 1992. Served as a professor from 1997. Specializing in public administration.