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Spring Verdure Issue (May. 2015)


Start of full-scale job searching activities for hiring in spring 2016

Corporate information session held on campus


For a 12-day period from March 2 to 19, a joint corporate information session was held on the Waseda Campus. At this session, corporations and groups are invited to visit the university and provide information to students who are at least third-year undergraduate students or first-year graduate students, and who are searching for employment.

During the corporate information session held at Waseda University, each corporation was given their own classroom to use. Students were able to sit down and listen to explanations. Furthermore, the session of each corporation include explanations for one hour and Q&A sessions designated as a time schedule. Corporate explanations are tailored for Waseda students. Many corporations brought Waseda alumni who respond to questions and concerns of current students. At the same time, English information sessions were also held by corporations seeking global professionals.

Inside information session venue

A total of 478 corporations and 34,830 students participated during the 12-day period. This brings the total number of students participating in past information sessions to 126,058. The Waseda corporate information session is top in Japan in terms of participating students, participating corporations, and overall breadth.

Every year, this joint corporate information sessions leads to many cases of entries, selections, and job offers.

This year's job search activity schedule was changed and corporate PR began from March. In Japan, March is spring vacation at Japanese universities. There were no classes and many facilities were available. We took full advantage of these scheduling merits to invite a large number of corporations. The Career Center hopes that students will use these kinds of opportunities to learn about many different corporations, conduct an in-depth review of corporations, and select their best career path.