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Spring Verdure Issue (May. 2015)


Waseda's future as conceived by students

3rd Waseda Vision 150 Student Competition

Students play a leading role at our university. As such, based on the mid- to long-term plan Waseda Vision 150, activities are held to encourage their active participation in education, research, and university management. As part of these activities, the first Waseda Vision 150 Student Competition was held in 2012. This event features competition-style presentations given by students for their own visions of Waseda’s future. The third competition featured participation by 26 teams and a total of about 100 students. 8 teams passed through the preliminaries and advanced to the finals, which were held at the Ono Memorial Auditorium on March 16. More than 150 people attended and were enthralled by the passionate presentations of students, and conveyed Waseda University’s expectations towards attendees.

Each team gave carefully-planned presentations, even incorporating a dark change and short play into their performance. In addition to conveying the contents of their proposals, the presentations were designed to captivate the judges and audience members. The overwhelming passion of these proposals made judging quite difficult for President Kamata, Senior Executive Vice President Hashimoto (Chief of the Judging Committee), and Chairman of the Board of Trustees Hisashi Hieda (Special Judge) and others. The committee eventually decided on award-winning teams after careful deliberation (see chart below).

Some proposals from the past two competitions have already been implemented at Waseda. The award-winning proposals from this year's competition will also be reviewed for inclusion in future plans of the university.

Results Team Name / Presentation Theme / Team Comment
President's Award Team Name: Diversity Waseda
Presentation Theme: First in Japan! Creating an LGBT Student Center

LGBT is an acronym for the sexual minorities of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders. We propose the establishment of an LGBT Student Center so that LGBT students can spend their student life free of difficulties and discrimination.
Alumni Association Award Team Name: Cloud Academic
Presentation Theme: WASEDA Dream Portal

The Student Alumni Association contains alumni who can offer advice on your worries about the future and who continue to invigorate Waseda even after graduation. I also want to connect people at Waseda.
DCC Award Team Name: A' scherie Genki Group
Presentation Theme: Proposing the formation of a Waseda Student Lunch Club

We propose establishing a Waseda Student Lunch Club, which uses a lunch wagon and smartphone application to provide a better lunchtime experience to Waseda students.
Progressive Spirit Award Team Name: aminome
Presentation Theme: Hire homeless cleaning staff at Waseda University!

We cooperate with NPOs to form a community that provides employment support to homeless people. Hire homeless people as cleaning staff at the university to create jobs and support independent lifestyles.
Judges' Special Award Team Name:
Team Kei-Shisu, Wasl eeper s, Seven-Colored Bell of Waseda, WANTED

URL http://www.waseda.jp/keiei/V150SC/