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Early Spring Issue (Apr. 2015)


Three lively events which embody autumn at Waseda!

Waseda Festival, Sports Festival, Waseda Culture and Arts Week

This year’s Waseda Festival was held under the slogan of “Look—you are the star!” Students held the festival on November 1 and 2. There were 430 different attractions in which students expressed “Waseda culture,” including actual demonstrations of research contents from seminars and clubs. Although there were light rain showers on the first day of the festival, more than 160 thousand people attended and the festival ended a great success.

The Sports Festival was held mainly on October 30. Starting with Tokyo Hike 2014, an event in which participants walked around universities in Tokyo, a total of 14 events were held on each campus. About 2,752 people participated and enjoyed deepening interaction and friendship through sports under the clear blue autumn skies.

Waseda Culture and Arts Week, an event which conveys Waseda culture to society, was held from October 13-28. Culture Promotion Student Advisors fulfilled a central role in planning and operating a total of 17 events, including “Classical Japanese Dance and Waseda University—Tradition and Hope—The Future of Traditional Performing Arts” and “Waseda Culture Advanced Course: (1) Culture of Japanese Pubs, (2) Waseda Produced World-Leading ‘Murakami’?, (3) The Most Familiar Economic Examination.” Thanks to cooperation from the nearby shopping district, all of Waseda was immersed in culture and art for the two-week period, surpassing previous events.

Scenes from the Ending Festival of the Waseda Festival

Interaction and friendship through sports

Yoshijiro Hanayagi VI performing “Ishibashi” (second half of Renjishi)