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Early Spring Issue (Apr. 2015)


Numerous athletic teams win Japanese collegiate championships

Athletic teams excel at both academics and sports!

Athletic teams continued to excel at both academics and sports in autumn 2014. As shown in the table below, numerous teams won Japanese collegiate championships. At the same time, student athletes achieved balance between their studies and team activities. Many athletes participated in the Waseda Athlete Program which seeks to form outstanding character through a combination of social skills and rich humanity.

Teams winning Japanese collegiate championships
Team Name Competition Name Result
Tennis Team All-Japan Intercollegiate Tennis Championships Men’s Group Team Competition: Champion
Women’s Group Team Competition: Champion
Sailing Team The 79th All Japan Intercollegiate Sailing Championship Overall Champion
Aikido Club 4th All-Japan Collegiate Aikido Championships Men’s Freestyle Team Competition: Champion
Women’s Freestyle Team Competition: Champion
Basketball Team 66th All-Japan Collegiate Women’s Basketball Tournament Women’s League: Champion
Examples of the Waseda Athlete Program (WAP)
Category Program Name
Program for Education as Athletes Athlete Seminar: Becoming a Sports Commentator for the Olympics Mr. Fujio Kariya (NHK Executive Announcer, 1983 graduate from the School of Social Sciences, former member of the Waseda University Rowing Team)
Athlete Seminar: Autonomy—Thinking and Acting Independently Mr. Kenji Akune (President of FC Tokyo, 1984 graduate from the School of Commerce, former member of the Waseda University Baseball Team)
Career Formation Support Program Guidance for job search activities, information session for experiencing job search activities
Volunteer/Community Contribution Program Holding the 2014 Waseda Sports Festival in Higashi-Fushimi
Women’s Volleyball Team participated in activities for the Special Olympics
Baseball Team holds baseball clinic and friendship games in Tohoku
Members of the Athletics Club and Baseball Club served as “escort runners” for people with visual impairment
American Football Team cooperated in the Blind Football World Championships
International Exchange Program Routine match with Korea University (American Football Team, Rugby Football Club, Basketball Team)
Ski Team held intensive practice in Finland