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Early Spring Issue (Apr. 2015)


Children’s Movie Workshop @ Waseda Enpaku 2014

Director Koreeda teaches filmmaking to elementary school studnets

Lecture by Director Koreeda

The Children’s Movie Workshop @ Waseda Enpaku 2014 was held by the Waseda University Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum (Enpaku) for the three days off from November 22-24, 2014. Under the instruction of film director and Waseda professor Hirokazu Koreeda (Faculty of Science and Engineering), thirty elementary school students went to the Waseda neighborhood to find out something interesting by themselves, and learned about filmmaking through collecting data, filming and film editing. On the final day of the workshop, they spent fulfilling 3 days screening their own film with the greetings from the stage of Okuma Small Auditorium

“Make a film about something you don’t understand,” said Director Koreeda when explaining the assignment to children. “Go out in the neighborhood and look for something you don’t understand.”
The children quickly warmed up to the task, sparking a barrage of questions such as “How far away can we go?” Filming was performed in a relax atmosphere.

During the workshop, Director Koreeda avoided discussing the essence of movies. Instead, he focused on instruction which encouraged independent thought and action by the children. The children asked people passing by for permission to film and conducted active reporting. Much was learned through production in a free and creative atmosphere.