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Early Spring Issue (Apr. 2015)


Effective for treatment of polluted water and interim storage facilities

Development of the new adsorbent Catenaccio PA (provisional name)

Prof. Atsushi Yamazaki and President Takenori Shoda (rear) explaining the new material at a press briefing

The Research Institute for Sustainable and Environmental Technology of Waseda University (Director: Prof. Masahiko Matsukata of the Faculty of Science and Engineering) and AZMEC Inc. (Headquarters: Mino City, Gifu Prefecture) have successfully developed Catenaccio PA, a new material for adsorbing radioactive elements such as cesium and strontium. An inexpensive and highly durable adsorbent, Catenaccio PA is a huge innovation over existing materials.

Catenaccio PA is expected to bring major progress in treatment of polluted water and interim storage facilities

Catenaccio PA is an inorganic polymer-based adsorbent made from silica and aluminum. When compared to the extremely high cost of existing adsorbents, its raw materials are extremely low in cost (around 600 yen per kilogram), making it very easy to manufacture. It also has excellent acid resistance and alkali resistance. In addition, it can be used in interim storage facilities for long periods of time, lasting for at least 30 years before replacement is necessary. Catenaccio PA is expected to make a significant contribution towards improved safety not only through its use in the treatment of polluted water from nuclear power plants but also in preventing radiation leaks from interim storage facilities of nuclear waste currently being planned.