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Early Spring Issue (Apr. 2015)


Start of new management system

Appointment of new Executive Directors and Auditors

In conjunction with the reappointment of President Kamata, Waseda University appointed new Executive Directors to assist the President in university management, as well as new auditors to assess operating conditions at the university.
The term of service began from November 8, 2014 and lasts four years for Executive Directors and two years for Auditors.

  Name Responsibilities
Vice-Presidents / Divisional Vice-Presidents Shuji Hashimoto (Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering) Overseeing of Academic Affairs
Yoichi Shimada (Professor, Faculty of Law) Overseeing of General Affairs
Divisional Vice-Presidents Muneharu Otsuka (Professor Emeritus) Financial Affairs
Yoshiaki Morita (University Staff) Overseeing of Administration
Executive Directors Seishi Sato (Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics) Academic Affairs
Atsushi Ishiyama (Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering) Research Promotion
Norimasa Morita (Professor, Faculty of International Liberal Studies) International Affairs
Takahiro Ohno (Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering) IT Promotion, Management Planning and Development
Kimikazu Murakami (Professor, Faculty of Education and Integrated Arts and Sciences) Students Affairs
Lee Sungsi (Professor, Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences) Cultural Affairs
Naoto Onzo (Professor, Faculty of Commerce) Public Relations and Admissions
Miho Saito (Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences) Fund-Raising and External Development
Keiko Hata (Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences) Promotion of Diversity
Isao Muraoka (Professor, Faculty of Sport Sciences)) Promotion of Sport
Yoshinari Hanao (University Staff) General Affairs
Toshitaka Hagiwara (Advisor to Komatsu Ltd.; Advisor to the Japan Business Federation) External Member of Board
Akihide Fukuda (Chairman & CEO of F-Tech Inc.; Executive Chairman of the Alumni Association) External Member of Board
Auditors Noriyuki Hoshi (Lawyer)
Shotaro Watanabe (Trustee Emeritus, Japan Association of Corporate Executives)