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Spring Verdure Issue (May. 2014)


Specified as a Super Global High School by MEXT

Waseda University Senior High School develops a curriculum for cultivation of global leaders

Waseda University Senior High School was specified by the MEXT as a Super Global High School in recognition of how it cooperates with international institutions and domestic universities/corporations which promote internationalization, and how it cultivates talents who are capable of discovering/solving global social issues and performing well in global business. Super Global High School is a MEXT project which promotes the development, implementation and systemization of high-quality curriculums.

Waseda University Senior High School defines global leaders as follows: "Individuals who, within a multicultural society, are capable of involvement in group decision-making even while asserting their own opinion, and who are continually involved in that group regardless of results." Through classes, the daily learning environment and extracurricular projects/activities, and while obtaining a variety of wisdom from the 5 sources of "foreigners," "corporations and NGOs," "universities," "liberal arts education (classical)," and "the local community," all students seek to become global leaders who create a society in which multiple cultures can coexist.