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Spring Verdure Issue (May. 2014)


Special measures to assist students taking entrance examinations

Snow impacts 2014 general entrance examinations

On February 15th, heavy snowfall in Tokyo left much of the city's public transportation paralyzed. At Waseda University, general examinations for the School of Law were held on the 15th, for the School of Fundamental Science and Engineering, the School of Creative Science and Engineering, and the School of Advanced Science and Engineering on the 16th, and for the School of Letters, Arts and Sciences on the 17th. Our school took measures to push back the start time of examinations and hold the examinations in a separate room for students affected by the snowfall. Even so, many prospective students were unable to reach the examination site and sit for examinations. Therefore, in order to give those students a chance to take examinations, Waseda University held special entrance examinations on March 7th.

Waseda University took every possible measure to ensure that the special entrance examinations did not create a disadvantage for students who took general examinations held on February 15th. At the same time, our school ensured that students sitting for special entrance examinations were not at a disadvantage. Examinations results were announced on March 12th.